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Elder O. Rudeen Allred
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Tahitian Mission, 1938 to 1940

Tahiti, "South Seas"
On May 24, 1938 our ship, the "M. V. Tolten " docked at Papeete Harbour, having left Los Angeles Harbour May 10. My companions on the trip were Elders McEntire and Benson. Upon arriving in Papeete we met Elders Palmer, Winkle, Mack, Johnson, and Greene. I stayed at Head Quarters until June 25th, enjoying the many beauties and differences of this part of the world.

Takaroa, Tuamotu
My first assignment was Takaroa, to leave, alone, on the 25th of June on board "Tereora ". Needless to say, I was seasick and didn't enjoy the trip at all. Arrived in Takaroa on the 29th. Surely a beautifully situated Island, with a pass opening beside the city into the lagoon. Here I began my schooling of "native living". My time was spent in study of the language and meetings. Departed on September 12.

Niau, Tuamotu
I left Takaroa alone on board "Ramona ". Stopped at Takapoto, one night in Manihi; stopped at Apataki for one night and Sept. 14th we were at Niau. Here I was put on shore and told to stay awhile. The ship was returning back over the route she had just came from. I was here until the 21st of Sept., then Ramona came back and we all left for Tahiti. In Niau I was among a few members who treated me swell. I could just get by with my "poor" Tahitian.

Hikueru, Tuamotu
I arrived back in Tahiti on the 23rd of Sept. and was there 12 days and then left for Hikueru; once more traveling alone. Was on the water 6 days (wasn't seasick) and arrived in Hikueru on the 11th of Oct. Met Elder Percy B. Asay (Pereti), my Senior Companion. Hikueru is known throughout the South Seas as the pearl shell Island. I was fortunate to arrive here while the season was on for taking shells. Life here was much different due to shortage of food and poor contact outside.

Tahaa and Raiatea, "Leewards"
Having journeyed back to Tahiti for Elder's Conference and Xmas, my next assignment was with Elder Uel C. Hunting (Uela) to "open" the Leeward Islands. We might say "Pioneers" as far as recent Missionaries to the Leewards are concerned. The first Elders in 20 years.

We landed in Raiatea but started our work in Tahaa. We found Protestantism established very firmly but did what we could in bearing our testimonies as to the true Church of Christ. Our work took us around Tahaa, walking all the way, six times, and completely around Raiatea once, one trip over the mountain, and working the districts from our H.Q. in Uturoa. It was in Tahaa I witnessed the Power of God in the laying on of hands by those in authority. One was almost instantly healed and the other was the healing of the dread disease "elephantiasis".

We hope sincerely that through our efforts the future Missionaries may find the way a little easier for them.

It was here that Elder Dean Haslem (Teina) joined us, my future Junior Companion.

Huahine, "Leewards"
On April 8th 1939 we left the beautiful Islands in Raiatea lagoon and journeyed to Huahine, a matter of 3 hours ride on "Potii Raiatea ". Elder Hunting went on to Tahiti leaving me as Senior and Elder Haslem as Junior. In Huahine we followed almost the same pattern of tracting as on the last two. With two H.Q. we were able to work both sides nicely. In "Fare" we stayed with a Mr Tetua Mervin and in Maroe we were with our native Missionary, Tahiri &acir; Torihi. We were blessed considerably while here.

Anaa, Tuamotu
Back to Tahiti again on the 26th of May to meet Pres Rufus K. Hardy, etc. Stayed at H.Q. 17 days, drew the assignment of a "bright green" Elder and Anaa. Elder Price and I landed in Anaa on the 15th of June, among a Priest and his "flock". While here we visited all the five cities. The priest made things "hot" for us but we surely enjoyed our work. Baptized a boy eleven years of age as our first and only convert. His father is a "Mormon" but his mother is a "Reorganite". On August 28th we sailed from Anaa aboard "Moana " to Marokau, not through, however, in Anaa... I hope.

Marokau, Tuamotu
August 30th, 1939 we landed in Marokau, prepared to stay until after Conference. Here we met Elders McEntire and Braegger. Between our arrival and Conference I had the privilege of baptizing two Catholic women. Our Conference was quite a success but with only Marokau and Tauere represented. Elder Braegger and I left Marokau for Hikueru on October 22, 1939.

Hikueru, Tuamotu
Back in Hikueru again after almost a year away. I surely was happy to meet again my old friends of a year ago. We surely enjoyed our stay this time. The people treated us swell; not once did they tire of us that we know of. Once again I was privileged to return a soul to the Church through baptism. This time it was Hamau â Taremata, a girl 30 years old. We stayed here, getting the Branch in order until November 26, and then left for Papeete.

Papeete, Tahiti
On November 30 Elder Braegger, McEntire, Price and I arrived at H.Q. While all the Elders were assembled there for Convention month and Xmas, we all became acquainted one with another. The month of December passed quickly and in January the exodus started. My new assignment was Associate Editor of the Mission and I was to work at the Mission Home. I always found plenty to do... handled all the printing, proof reading, and folding work. In March I was advanced to Editor of the Mission and have since had all publications in charge. During my work here I had the privilege of baptizing two new converts, one an American, James T. Hubbard, age 68, and Terii â Teheiure, 25, a young lady whose "husband" had died just previously. His funeral was my first funeral sermon down here.

On April 26 Elder Haslem and I took a short trip to Moorea for a short vacation. We were there four days, seeing some very beautiful and interesting points of interest. One of the most beautiful was Cook's Bay. We stayed one night at the hotel in our trip around the Island on bicycles.

On June 1st Pres. Stevens told me to prepare to go home inasmuch as the Government is forcing our numbers down and I was next in line to go. But due to war and uncertainty of ships I was allowed to stay over until the 5th of August, 1940. On July 2, 1940 I left on Hiro for Raiatea and Tahaa. There I companioned with Elders Sanford, Wilde and Halverson. We surely enjoyed our work there and returned to Papeete on the 19th of July to prepare again to go to America. I left for America on board the Monterey the 5th of August, 1940.

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