Raiatea, Leewards
March 23, 1939

Dear Folks,

Just received word yesterday from President stating the boat to the States has been delayed until the 28th so I'll have time to get this note on it.... along with how many more?

I want to write this as I revceived new instructions since I wrote last so I'll pass it on. PRes. has asked me to take Elder Haslem and go over to Huahine in two weeks. Elder Hunting will go on into Headq. and Dean H. and I will tackle Huahine. The next two weeks here will see this pair of Islands worked over thoroughly, having had better than two thousand tracts distributed upon them. We have been fortunate in securing ninety some odd ve'a subscriptions and hope to pass the hundred mark before leaving.

We feel as though we have accomplished what was expected. Pres. has written us two complementary letters and feels we are due for a trade of Islands now. He has asked Elder Haslem and me to be in Tahiti by May 27th, boxes and all, so that means we will go somewhere into the Tuomotus again... maybe.

Just a word or two now concerning our last trip around Tahaa this week. We began our fifth (or fourth) trip last Monday. It's really a pleasure now to go around there. We are treated very good on all sides and if we have done nothing more than open the way for the next Elders, we feel we have helped. Many ask us to spend the night, and though it isn't advisable yet to hold meetings, we do get in some very good "cottage" discussions. (As yet, I still can't take a very active discussion but I'll get a chance in Huahine to spill all the language I do know and then some.

As for breaking down barriers of predjudice against us, we can go to any "city" on the Island and there is someone who will invite us in. We have sat side by side with the Deacons of the Protestant Church and have really made friends with them. (In fact I sold one of them a ve'a subscription for the year. Even a Catholic woman (white) bought one and believe me, that was harder than the Deacon. You can't imagine how the Catholics hold out against us; they are the only religion here that treats us very unfriendly.) Our friends know we are teaching the truth, but a native takes his own sweet time about accepting anything. We have a few Books of Mormon out and I'll bet before another year goes by the Elders that come here (if Pres. keeps them coming out once in awhile) will go places.

The mail we expected to receive this week will not be out until next boat so I can't make mention of anything you might have asked in it until a later time. I may get a chance to write while in Huahine but if I don't, I'll have lots to say when I get to Headquarters in May.

Time is going by too fast. It seems impossible almost a year has gone by since I left home. I'll soon be worrying over what to do when I get homeif these days continue to fly by.

Elder Mortenson is being sent home this month due to a sickness he has been troubled with since I met him at New Year's. Ulcers in his stomach; he's a pretty sick lad. Surely came on him in a hurry. You'll find him on the pictures I sent.

I guess I've spilled about all the news I can for this letter so I'll close before I get off into jungle subjects again. (Believe me, our two trips around Raiatea nei were nightmares. Our working of the districts were better.)

Anything new turns up I'll write again in May.

Love, Dean

P.S. I've pounded holes (or the wash-woman has) in about five pairs of garments so stand by in case of a "rush" order. However, I'm making my light ones hold out as long as they will 'cause.. whew!!! I hate to wear long ones on these trips. I might get by until I reach the cool Tuomotus before having to wear heavies... I hope!!!