Aug. 13

Dear Folks at Home,

It won't be much 'cause I'm surely caught unprepared. We had given up the idea of being able to get a letter on the ship to the States on the 19th as we weren't expecting a ship here going to T. until the 20th of Aug. Unexpectedly a "stray" dropped in and she is leaving again in a very few minutes. So..... the rush is on.

We are well and enjoying our work immensely. Had the privilege of baptizing our "first fruit" so far on this Island last "Fast Sunday". Still receiving "hot" opposition from the Cath. Priest. The fellow we baptized was a son of the man we are staying with, our only Mormon.

Will be leaving soon for Marokau and Conference. Will write again after Conference, when we get back here or else while I am there.

Tell Barbara I'm sorry I can't get a letter to her this time but will send a short one in a couple of months.

I hurriedly dashed of a letter to Pres. and now this so I better quit now and go to the boat.

Love, As Ever, Dean

P.S. The pictures I left out of last letter.