Papeete, Tahiti
Dec. 15, 1939

Dear Mother, Dad, and All,

There is a ship due here from New Zealand going to the States sometime within the next day or so, therefore I'll attempt to write a few lines tonight. I'm rather lost as usual as to something to write about, however.

But, come to think about it, I haven't written since receiving my last mail, viz: a letter from you, a card from Rema and clippings, an Xmas card from the Relief Society, a letter from the Bishop and one from owen, plus my Xmas presents .... three shirts, four pair of garments, etc. These all came just a few days ago. I have written a letter, thanking Owen for his part, and now I thank you all for the rest.

We surely are busy around here these days, or have I told you? It seems rather odd to be where I can write a letter, knowing about when a ship will be here; I can't keep up on what I have told you. Anyway, it seems just like back to school again with a two hour grammar class in the morning and a two hour Gospel class in the afternoon and with plenty to do in between. I am helping Elder Randal, Mission Sec. on the yearly reports and we surely find ourselves busy. Just completed the tithing report today and started on the Elders.

Of course we have a little time for recreation if you want to make it. This past week I and one of the other Elders have been getting up about 4:30 A.M. and riding out to the Sports Park for a couple of sets of tennis and getting back by 6:30 for breakfast. Then Saturday afternoon is our time off and we all go out and engage in a game of soft-ball and basketball. Last Saturday we Seniors "cleaned the Juniors in baseball and they did the same to us in basketball. The sides are just even, with nine Seniors and nine Juniors. As much as I used to like basketball, I'm afraid I'm losing interest; it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I guess I'm getting too old or lazy or just disinterested. I've probably seen about the last I'll do once we break up here again.

Surely glad the deer hunt was the usual success. That always seems to get a good, long letter, commenting on what happened. I always like to hear even though I know Dad will always be first in bringing in the game.


I still have a letter to write to Vern ma  (this word "ma" means "and associates" and it is always so handy when you mean more than one.) The one reason, or one of the reasons I am writing is to send this picture. I just had it taken a couple of days ago and am kinda' rushing the photographer. Don't mind the condition or looks. These guys are still rather "amateurish" at photography, and they haven't learned the art of making a person beautiful whether he is or not. I reckon it looks like me. He is only able to finish a few so I can't send many home by this boat.

Well, the evening is far spent so I'll be closing with this note. Elder Miller rather objects to me writing long letters... he says it is setting a bad example. His Mother is wondering why he doesn't do it if I can. He's surely a peach of a guy; I associate quite a lot with him here.

Yes, and lessons have to be prepared for tomorrow so, "Good night".

Love as always,