Dear Mother and Dad

As the Mission Secretary is my Junior Companion and we are quite close in work and friendship, he asked me if I wanted to put a little note in this letter sent out by the office. Well, I always contend that an unexpected letter coming from an unexpected source is nearly always welcome so here is the note I am putting in.

This statement appears to be self explanatory. In August I had $151.35 to my credit then you can see I didn't withdraw much in Sept. Oct. or Nov. These three low months account however for the high $36.14 in December. In the branches if we collect money on tithing, etc. we use that for whatsoever we want, keeping however a receipt. Then when we arrive in H.Q. that amount is taken off our account.

During the past year from Dec. "38" to Nov. "39" I have spent on an average of $11.89 per month. This next year however will be near $20 average as I expect to be here in H.Q. the majority of the time I have left. Nearly all the money I spent last year was for food only and I haven't gone without either. Never been physically sick, always happy (except when I had a couple of boils), and never felt as though I were skimping. I know you wouldn't want me to do that just for the sake of a few dollars. I haven't, however, spent a lot on souvenirs as some like to do. Even at that I have a few odds and ends that will make very nice remembrances.

Well, if ever any questions arise that you would like answered don't hesitate to write. What is my business is yours too you know.

Well, write often.
Love, Dean.

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