Papeete, Tahiti
February 10, 1940

Dear Mother, Dad and All,

A French freighter pulled in today going by way of Panama to New York and on to France. There won't be another Ship to the States for a month yet so I'll try a short letter to you this way rather than let the chance go.

There is nothing new to tell... just a few lines to let you know I'm all right, enjoying good health, and being kept plenty busy here at H.Q. I kinda long to go back to the Tuamotus though. I would rather work out with the natives in their simple way of living than here in "luxury". I can't put on any weight here; in fact I've lost a few lbs. I can't get over 165 no matter how hard I try and that is fifteen lbs. under what I would like. Oh well, it's a great life and I hope to be the last to ever complain. Surely feel good!

We're surely right in the middle of some stormy weather. I've never seen it rain so hard and steady in all my days. Today, though, it appears to be all over; the sky is almost clear, wind has stopped, birds singing again, and outside of the air being much cooler it is the same as ever. We heared last Thurs. that a telegram had been received from Raiatea stating that a small hurricane had struck the Island, of course not much damage was done... a few houses blown over was all we heared about it. Quite a coincident.. I had just finished reading the book Hurricane just the evening before.

The only effects we got of it were high seas, and believe me the old ocean was high, a little stronger wind and rain than usual. Shucks! Nothing ever happens where a person could see it. Raiatea is about a hundred miles away with two other big, mountainous Islands between us and her.

We have been expecting the ship from America any day, but I guess the storm has maybe held it up for awhile. Surely wish I could have received mail before writing this. Maybe I would have something to write about.

Next month two more Elders are leaving for home. They surely seem to be going fast; It won't be long before Ray, Ezra, and I lead the list. (Elders McEntire, Benson, & I, I should say.)

This coming Sunday my companion and I have a baptismal ordinance to perform. We have spent qite a number of hours in visiting a little crippled man of abut fifty years who we met over in Raiatea and became acquainted with again here. He has applied for baptism, we are happy to say. They are few and far between but each addition member brings us great happiness.

Well, I've about told all I know again and so there's nothing further for me to do but finish. I hope and pray that you are all still enjoying the best of health and making life happy.

We hear occassionally from all the other Elders and they are all well. Elder Miller was a little sick with fever caused from a bad boil but he writes in saying how fine he is feeling now. Mc is a well as ever, and although Elder Randall was well under the spasms of seasickness going to his Island he was all right as soon as he reached shore. I mention these three just in case you, Mother, should happen to meet any of their folks. Of course, just tell them they are well and happy...... 'cause I said so.

Of course we joke about seasickness but I sometimes wonder if the folks at home don't worry about it. But, no body has ever been so he couldn't get over it yet.

Well, keep the chin up. I'll write again the last of the month or in early March though I don't, for the life of me know what it will be about!

Love, As ever, Dean

P.S. Temperature read 69° this morning. I guess winter's here to stay.

P.S.2 If you see Barbara, and she inquires, tell her I don't trust the freighter to deliver mail very much.