Papeete, Tahiti
Feb. 25, 1940

Dear Mother, Dad and All,

Sunday morning and I have about an hour before Priesthood meeting so I shall try to get a fairly good start on this letter that should be going out soon. Pres. is sending this receipt home and as it has to be enveloped and stameed anyway I just figured I might as well write a short letter and put in it. We are sending a few letters on a large Swedish ship that is due in Wed. and it will go to New York before dropping off mail. However this letter should be there before I could get another there by way of Vancouver. The next ship should be along in two or three weeks so you may get another short letter near the last of March or early April if commnections go through as expected.

I received mail on the 15th consisting of one from you all, a Xmas letter, I guess, one from Una, Verb, Fern, Seventies Quorum + $2, which was opened for inspection but not disturbed, also an Xmas card from Argentine from a Missionary friend there, and $1.69 wired down by Bro. Newman. (Undoubtedly the usual $2 but some taken for the wiring of it.) He surely is good...... even after I told him to help some other Elder who isn't fixed quite as well as I. And a book from Barbara completed the list. Shucks, I figured she had forgotten all about me, it has been so long since I received a letter. But, time will tell.

Now I have Verba's answered, Fern's, and your's just about. Each time I have less to write about so it doesn't take me long to write and answer them all now. I did write Verba about six pages... it has been so long since she wrote, I had a little more to write about. She mentioned a picture you sent her; I can't remember what picture it might have been so I'm sending a later edition.. one of the larger ones like I sent you. And while I am on this subject, when are you planning on a trip to Michigan? If it is in the summer of "41", I may go with you. But, that is still in the future. Well, a little more later; my time is about up.

Everybody is either asleep or has gone for a walk and so while all is quiet a peaceful hereabouts I'll finish this letter. We just finished with the usual big Sunday dinner consisting of mashed potatoes, gravey, green corn, fried auhopu  (fish like the tuna) water cress, and for dessert a big piece of watermelon. Quite the thing to have all the fresh fruit and vegetables we want all year 'round. Oranges are just coming on good. I haven't eaten a banana for days though we have two or three stalks hanging around all the time. They just don't appeal to my appetite. I'm even getting tired of fruit salad for dessert and ice cream isn't what it used to be. Maybe I'm losing my apetite and should go back to the Tuamotus.

Dad, your mention of Bishop Lofgreen not being Bishop anymore came as a big surprise. Why haven't I heared anything about it???? I read just a tiny paragraph in the Era to enable me to put two and one together with what you wrote and the result is I gather he is out. How come??????

Just before I received last mail I remarked to Elder Richards, "I rather dread to receive mail this time; I feel as though I'll receive bad news." Well, the first letter I opened was the one with a clipper telling of Bro. Wallwork's death, and as I read further into the letter I read of Una & Hap's accident. Well, it surely could have been worse for us but I do feel to sympathize with others over the other news. But, why not now as later? When we are due to be called we will be called.

Glad to hear you all enjoyed your Xmas. I assure you I did likewise except of course we didn't have the pleasure of giving and receiving as we do back there. However, our Conference together was Xmas enough for us. I don't know of an Elder that felt the least bit homesick.

Am sending a few more pictures; some a little old and some new. I haven't taken a picture myself for months but when I see a good picture some other Elder takes I borrow the negative, & vice versa when I take a good one. It is more economical.

Well, lets call this sufficient for today. I'll be writing again before I know it. Remember, I still like to receive letters.

Love, As ever, Dean

P.S. I hope you are cleared up on anything that might have happened in Anaa. There surely was a misunderstanding somewhere. Elder Sanford, who is now laboring in Anaa wrote in a few complimentary things so I guess we made friends there instead of enemies. Shucks, there has been quite a joke around here since I told what a wrong story you had received and how things had been enlarged upon. I guess my last letter cleared that all up I hope. I don't think I'm any hero. What a reputation I must have. Wow!!