S.S. Monterey
August 10

Dear Folks,

Here I am almost at your doorstep. In fact I should be crossing the threshold about week after next.

The unexpected happened and here I am on the swell liner "Monterey" just a few hours out of Hawaii. When we awaken in the morning we will be anchored in Pearl Honolulu Harbor. It has been quite sometime since I had the opportunity to write and let you know just what has happened during the past few weeks. Even now I won't attempt to do so except to say we left Tahiti on the 6th on board a luxurious hotel on water and after a bit of seasickness for a couple of days, though I didn't miss a meal, I feel swell. The task of leaving Tahiti was lessened a little by sight of this beautiful ship and the fact that six of us besides Pres. & Family are aboard. Also there are Elders from New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and one from Tonga aboard. The trip is indeed a pleasant one.

The reason I am writing ... there is a plane leaving Honolulu Monday and therefore you should receive this letter Wednesday perhaps. We will arrive in San Francisco Friday Saturday morning 16th 17th. Sometime the following week should see me there.. I can't say the day because I really don't know how long we will stay in S.F. I'll wire the day we leave for Utah. Ray and I are travelling pretty much together so we may leave the gang on the coast.

I'll tell you all about the trip in a few days. Am in good health even though still losing a little weight. Not very enthused to get back except to meet the family. Maybe I'll change in a few months.

So 'till we meet,