The 19th DAM J.A.M.

Pryor, Oklahoma, 11 September 2010

Here we are starting our fifth DAM J.A.M. Thanks to Donna Meier at for this picture.

This is the T-shirt--it's the DAM J.A.M. bicycles arranged in a circle.

First we ride through the downtown, with police escort.

Then we're in residential neighborhoods.

Those skinny road tires pop easily.

After a while, we're out in the country. The roads are excellent.

We ride into the rising sun on a misty September morning.

Another Donna Meier old-timey-style picture.

Police are on hand at the busy intersections.

Lots of volunteer turn out to welcome us to Pryor and to make the ride safe and fun.

The DAM J.A.M. is the best-marked ride in the world. See the yellow signs?

There are rides of 30, 50, 72, and 100 miles, and besides the yellow signs, there are yellow marks on the road to keep you on the right route. It was about here where the battery in the camera died for a while.

Back at the park, the local Ham Radio Club is on hand for search and rescue.

And after the ride, Mid American Grille provides a great lunch.

Everybody finishes with a smile.

Here are three of the four jams. Next year, we'll go for
one of the long rides around a lake and through the hills.

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