The 26th DAM J.A.M.

Pryor, Oklahoma, 7 September 2019

Here we are unloading the RANS Screamer recumbent tandem
on the first Saturday after Labor Day for our twelfth DAM J.A.M.

With the morning light reflecting from my bald spot, I air up the
tires to 95 psi. We never pump up tires around here—we air them up.

We've ridden all around northeast Oklahoma, southeast
Kansas, and southwest Missouri, and the DAM J.A.M. is the best.

We start into a misty morning at around eight o'clock.

A drone flies overhead as we depart.

We follow taillights into the sunrise.

Police get us safely through the Prior Creek traffic.

We go east toward Hudson Lake.

This is how they look from the front.

Everyone behind us is soon in front of us.

We're a ways out of town but the police still help at busy intersections.

This is how we get a picture of ourselves.

If you like cows and misty mornings, you'll love this ride.

This mark on the road means the thirty-mile ride turns here. If you have
the legs for it, you can go 50, 75, or 100 miles over dams and around lakes.

This isn't a real DAM J.A.M. rest stop, but just some
nice Oklahoma people down by Hudson Lake helping the riders.

We go a couple of miles along Hudson Lake.

And then we climb back up to the farmland.

I steer the bike and Carol makes it go.

This is what Carol sees the whole time.

The last rest stop, about ten miles from the finish, is run by the Boy Scouts.

The Screamer attracts attention.

We roll back into Pryor.

And into Whittaker Park again.

Thirty-two and a half miles today. Next time we'll try to train for the fifty-mile ride again.

An average speed of 12 mph for thirty-two miles isn't bad for old people.

We hit 36.3 mph on a screaming scary twisty downhill toward Hudson Lake.

The wooden thing in the corner together with the blue straps keep the bike upright.

The bike is loaded again in our new truck and we're on our
way to the Dutch Pantry in Choteau for some good Amish cooking.

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