On Board the S.S. Monterey

Books I Have Completed in Tahitian Mission

Tahitian Grammar ..8.. Times
Hurlbut's Bible Stories, 723 pages
Word of Wisdom, John H. Widtsoe, 25 pages
Essentials in Church History, Jos. F. Smith, 680 pages
Power of Truth, Wm Geo. Jordan, 154 pages
Pres. Grant's Conference Addresses 1933
Treasures I Would Share, Pres. Grant
The Restoration of the Gospel, Osborne J. P. Widtsoe, 235 pages
Missonary Handbook ..... Times
Program of the Church, John A. Widtsoe
How to Make Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie
(3) Marcus King, Mormon, Nephi Anderson
(2) Tahitian Book of Mormon, 691 pages
(2) Added Upon, Nephi Anderson
Pearl of Great Price
Suggestions to L.D.S. Missionaries
Doctrine and Covenants
Ancient Apostles, David O. McKay, 248 pages
Joseph Smith, An American Prophet, John Henry Evans, 437 pages
The Way to Perfection, Jos. Fielding Smith, 355 pages
Memoirs of John R. Young, Himself, 317 pages
The Life of Christ for the Young, Geo. L. Weed, 340 pages
Tihoni Wiriamu..

Passengers entertaining themselves aboard SS Monterey on our return trip home

 Jack  Jack
Jack and ... Jack and me on S.S.

[Letter Home]

 Royal Hawaiian
Taken from the steps of the hotel

 Royal Hawaiian
Viri, o Mea, Etera, Re, o Mea, e o Vau at the Royal Hawaiian grounds. Such entertainment.

 Postcard  Postcard

 Te Heheuraa Api  Te Heheuraa Api
The August 1940 edition of Te Heheuraa Api Elder Ralph J. Richards has taken over as Éditeur de la Mission.
President Stevens is still listed as Publisher.

 Te Heheuraa Api  Te Heheuraa Api
The October 1940 issue of Te Heheuraa Api  mailed
to Rutena on 26 September 1940
Elder Peterson has become Éditeur de la Mission,
and Eugene M. Cannon is Mission President.