The 17th DAM J.A.M.

Pryor, Oklahoma, 6 September 2008

The DAM J.A.M. is always well-organized, even when it rains. This year
it happened just as Hurricane Gustav reached northeast Oklahoma.

Here's our bike at the starting line (the banner was hung backwards this year).

There were two mass-starts, with a police escort to the edge of town.
Then we head east toward the lakes.

Local police are on hand to help protect riders from hazards.

Watch out for gravel.

It rained a lot this year. We turned around and reached the finish line with 25 miles on the odometer.

Duke handed out piles of last year's T-shirts so we could put on something dry.
And the local ham radio guys coordinated all the search-and-rescue.

A massage is nice after a long, cold, wet ride.

Charlie's Chicken served a good hot lunch.

The DAM J.A.M. is the friendliest ride in the world.

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