The 18th DAM J.A.M.

Pryor, Oklahoma, 8 September 2009

Here's the mass start on another great DAM J.A.M. I forgot my camera this year, so some
of these pictures are stolen from a blog... unfortunately I forgot who the author is.

Lucky for us Donna Meier was there taking pictures, and we could buy them at "".
Here we are, starting out on our RANS tandem recumbent.

Everybody rides east out of town, toward the famous dams!

Another Donna Meier old-timey-style picture.

After a while, we're out in the country. The roads are excellent, and the DAM J.A.M. is the best-marked ride in the world.

Another stolen picture. The Road Kill Cafe was the best rest stop ever.

This nice young lady was so expertly done up that for a while I thought she really was a redneck.

They were all done up as rednecks. They were so nice, they were like our own cousins.
Too bad I didn't get a picture of the prom queen--I figured the kids were just wearing their
fancy clothes from last night's dance. I was quite surprised to realize everybody was in costume.

This year was the best DAM J.A.M. ever; it really was perfect.

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