The Missionary Journal of O. Rudeen Allred (Rutena)
L.D.S. Missionary, Tahitian Mission


Sunday, November 26, 1939
It's really Dec. 2nd and this is the first time I have been able to find time to catch up on this book. Things really began to happen last Sunday and haven't slowed up yet. I led Priesthood meeting with a lesson on the Picture Story. From there into S. S. and a few minutes after that a ship was sighted from above. We packed and when time for Sac. Mtg. came around we went to Church. I took charge of meeting and Elder B. talked. Just as I was giving my closing remarks, with twenty-five minutes yet before the hour was up and up to me to hold out that long, Elder McEntire and Price were sighted coming down the road. I kept on talking, touching this and that until they got close by then we called them in. I called on both of them and though they were dirty, etc. they did for a minute or so. After meeting it was just a matter of getting off, saying "goodbye", tending to last minute matters, etc. Had a hard time getting over the reef, got wet, had a thrill or two, as it was dark, and a few minutes after arriving on ship, I was riding the rail. Went to sleep soon after on the deck.

Nov. 27 we traveled all day, cutting right close to Haraiki allowing a little fishing to be done. Caught three big ones before heading for open sea again. On the bigger waves again I hit the rail.. shucks!

Nov. 28. Landed in Anaa early in the morning. Taho took us to his home; we bought the food and they prepared us a swell meal. Gauta was inland so I didn't meet him. Elder P. wouldn't even go ashore. Sissy!! Stayed there all day and left in the evening.

Nov. 29. Traveled all day, feeling O.K. Sighted Mehetika.

Nov. 30. Sighted Tahiti early this morning and landed at five in the afternoon after quite a miserable trip; rain and all. Met a whole bunch of Elders here... in fact there are sixteen of us. Of course we did plenty of visiting and the usual stuff. Showered, ate, talked, read mail from Mother & Dad (2), Barbara (2), Mapuhi (2). Found plenty to do until 2:30 A.M. and then went to sleep... tired but not sleepy.


Dec. 1. Still plenty to do. A gospel class and grammar for all after breakfast. I talked over my three minutes and got the gong. In the afternoon a few of us went out to the ball park. Of all the out-of-conditioned guys! I got fagged out after one game of twenty one and a set of tennis. Played more but was plenty tired. Kuraniu came in today from Hik... received a letter and picture from Manava. She just don't forget. Plenty to do at night binding more books. Played a couple games of Chinese checkers and went to bed plenty tired.

December 2, 1939
Now I am back to today's work. This morning I sluffed off class to go to the attic to work on my odds & ends. Imagine my surprise to see the tapoi roi  Heia made for me in my trunk. Ioane had brought it in. Revi left for America today so spent quite sometime in town seeing him off, shopping, etc. Bought a pen, socks, ink, pictures and what ever else it was. I'm sending only one letter to the folks, a very short one to Barbara, and one to Lucille. Should have written more but just haven't been in the mood. Stayed home most of the day (afternoon) finishing time sheets. In the evening was called on to go to the home of Poni ma . His wife is quite ill i te vairaa tamarii . We talked to encourage her a little and held a prayer there. Elder Chugg was my companion. Came home, mopped around doing this and that and am ready now for bed.

December 3, 1939
Sunday again in Papeete with another record broken. Every one of us, including Pres., bore our testimonies as this is the last meeting of the year of that type. Elders Young and Wilde came in from the Leewards yesterday so that gave us twenty today. Nothing out of ordinary except a long talk with Pres. out here on the back porch in the afternoon.

December 4, 1939
With four meetings today and the Tolten  coming from the States with mail I can easily write today's diary. Pres. Stevens led a class immediately after breakfast and gave us an idea of te huru o te ohipa e ravehia e matou a parahi ai matou io Tahiti nei . After that we got paired off for companions while we are here, for tracting, etc. Elder McEntire is to be my companion. Then came our Tahitian Grammar class with my subject being on Pre-existence. After that Ray and I went to town, bought my two shirts, left shoes to be half-souled, and my watch to repaired. Also went to the wharf and saw the Tolten . Saw a Chink get a bundle of laundry dropped on him too. Pres. assigned me to take charge of the Gospel Doctrine class, the big 2 hour class for the afternoon, with all the assignments to make. Uela, Haurata, Nile, Viri and myself were speakers today. Ship brought me a letter from Mother & Dad, one with letter and card & clippings, one from Bishopric ma , card from Relief Society and letter from Owen. Always welcome though I don't get enthused over mail anymore. Should have gone Ward Teaching tonight but Teahu didn't show up.. very few natives did. I stayed home and read tonight.

December 5, 1939
Class again just after breakfast in which I talked on Te Tiamaraa o te Taata. Then Elder Mc. and I went out to look over our tracting district. Found a Catholic Church, three Chinese schools, plenty of stores, hotels and a few residential hangouts. We just looked today. Took over G. Doc. class again and assigned myself the most difficult talk for tomorrow. A group of us went out to exercise again today at the ball park.

Tonight I received a package from home with shirts, garments, pens & sets of tie holders. It's a rembrance of Xmas all over again. Work night tonight but Ray and I hurried with ours and finished it early. Surely busy these days with always plenty to do. Weight 162 lbs. Down again.

December 6, 1939
We are surely back to school again and having plenty of studying to do. We attend one hour grammar class following breakfast then change class or separate into groups for talks in Tahitian on the Gospel. Then two hours for tracting if weather permits. Following dinner comes our two hour Gospel class. Today I talked fifteen minutes on Salvation and the Degrees of Glory. Still have a five hundred word theme to write on Why Mormonism. Oh, we're busy but still there is plenty of time left. The rainey season is on so we don't get out much. Attended mtg. at night.

 Elder McEntire
Elder Ray McEntire, Re
Na Rutena: Ia ora na oe: A remembrance of our
true companionship that we have enjoyed since
first meeting and in the service of the Lord
in the Tahitian Mission. E haamanaia roa, e
ei taoa oroha ia ne.
Re, Ray O. McEntire, Clearfield, Utah U.S.A.

December 7, 1939
Same periods as yesterday. In the morning Re & I started out tracting. Had no sooner reached our district and a rain comparable to few I've seen struck. We got inside of Wa Sang's and stayed. Ordered another shirt while there. Trying something new for tomorrow in Gospel class.. extemporaneous. My idea, and I hope it works. Got my shoes back today with a good job on them. Singing practice at night.

December 8, 1939
More rain; more classes; more studying. This morning I talked five minutes on Book of Mormon and then spent most of the morning in talking rafters with Viri and studying for extemporaneous work. After dinner we hed class. I led; we drew topics from a hat and spoke on whatever we drew. There were seven blanks and twelve topics. I drew and talked a few minutes on Baptism required of All, & The Gospel yet Unknown to many. It was interestingo note how well all the elders accepted and talked. Pres. gave us all quite a compliment. Went to town today got my shirts altered and bought a pair of canvas shoes. This evening was evening for work. I sewed twenty three books. Later we hed a little gathering to discuss future work. Some are to sing on radio nites and we all (but Hunting) are going to play ball tomorrow, weather permitting. More pinapple at night.

December 9, 1939
This morning I spoke on Te Faarooi te Mesia and tried to take up time; can't say as how I was very successful. It rained most of the morning but following dinner it stopped and turned into a good day for our competition with the Juniors. All of us went out but Uela and Price. In the ball game we had a big sixth inning, pushng over sixteen runs. We rather knocked their ears down to the tune of 30-20 (Sounds more like a basketball score. I played pitch, first-base and left field, knocked three home-runs and had a swell time all in all. In basketball though it was different. They licked us by 50-30. No excuses. In tennis Rui (Elder Randal) and I beat Elder Benson and Christensen 6-2 and Elder Christensen and I beat Benson and Randal 4:1 called on acount of rain and we were tired anyway.

Today is Pres.'s Birthday; he served the ice-cream. Tonight were try-outs for Quartets. Later Elder Richards and I translated "Sowing" into Tahitian.. in half an hour, three verses. Still later went into the kitchen for snack of fruit before retiring. Eleven o'clock and the roosters are crowing. Ua oti.

 Elder Randall
Ia ora na oe, Rui. Best Wishes and Success.
Elder Howard L. Randall R.D # 3 Ogden, Utah

December 10, 1939
I jumped out of bed this morning but that is as far as I got. I soon realized I was not as young as I once was. Surely am plenty stiffened up from the episode of yesterday. Today I went to Priesthood meeting and there received an assignment of a talk for Sac. mtg. Following that I attended Sunday School and was asked to go out and represent the Mission at a baptism along with Elder Randal. I closed the meeting on the banks of the river with prayer. On returning back to Church we found it time to start Sac. Mtg. There I passed Sacrament and talked about ten minutes on "Te Ho'e Faufaa Rahi o to Paulo Oraraa ia Tatou Nei." Then following meeting was dinner, and while sitting here on the back porch I played a game of Chinese checkers, wrote Owen a letter, and finished my essay on "Why Mormonism." Mtg. again tonight. Terahoa surely showed she was from the sticks.

Monday, December 11, 1939
Began my new assignment by typing a bunch of "himene papai " for the Elders and Branch. That used up four hours, two hours in language class, two in Gospel class, in which I drew a blank today, and the rest of the day in limping around stiff as ever. Caught up on reports tonight. Ready for a new day. Surely enjoy it here.

 Elder Heusser
Elder Howard Heusser, Haurata

Tuesday, December 12, 1939
I barely have time to write in this diary it seems. This morning Elder Heusser and I went to play tennis. We managed to get in a set and three games before returning to the house in time for breakfast at 6:00. Two hour class again in grammar, and then I went into office work again. After dinner we held our two-hour Gospel class. I drew "Unauthorized Ministers" and talked about seven minutes. At 3:00 back again to tithing reports while the gang went to play ball. Late in the afternoon Elder Sanford and I walked to town; I obtained my shirt from Wa Sang. Returned to Home after admiring how pretty the wharf and mountains looked in the sunset. Back to work again and Teina and I finished Tubuai's three Branches' report. Now before retiring I am going to try to read the 34 pages assigned for tomorrow in Extemporaneous class; Goodness, I'm sleepy.

Wednesday, December 13, 1939
Elder Heusser and I were up again at 4:30 A.M. and out playing tennis by daylight. Managed to take Elder H. in two sets today. Back again just in time for a shower and breakfast, two hour grammar class, two hours on tithing report, then dinner, the two hour meeting.. I talked again, and then, grabbing a "breather" Elder Sanford and I went to Spitzer's and had our pictures taken. Back again to finish Papeete Branch, dinner (supper), meeting again and now ten minutes to go before lights out. I guess I'll go downstairs and study for tomorrow. Surely a "work-shop" around. Anybody comes in from the Tuamotus for a rest had better go back!

Thursday, December 14, 1939
Mine and Tere's turn to get breakfast e ua na reira maua.   More Tahitian class with back to speaking, then during my two hours office work I finished the Tithing report. Just before class in the afternoon Elder Chugg and I were called out for an administration. Poni's wife is ailing again. I did the sealing. I spoke again in G. class. This evening the gang went to the show. Waikiki Wedding ; surely good. About 16 of us went.

Friday, December 15, 1939
All the same today as past days along lines of study and classes. In work hours I finished up the Tithing report and began on Elder's reports. Farane [Sanford] and I went after our proofs today; I ordered a dozen made of the portrait for a hundred and ten francs. This evening I wrote a letter home & began one to Vern. Surely have two kankers that bother me.

 Elder Sanford
Ia ora na Rutena May this picture serve as a
remembrance of our Missionary days in Tahiti.
May God bless you always. Sincerely yours
F. Dee Sanford "Farane"

Saturday, December 16, 1939
Farane and I obtained a couple of monos for us this morning in the office work and we skipped off for a game of tennis. He took me two out of three sets under a hot sun. We returned a little late for dinner but didn't get bawled out. The gang all went to play ball again in the afternoon, the Seniors again taking the Juniors by 34 to 15. I pitched five innings and got two homers.. one left handed and one right. All went for a fresh water swim up faataua canyon. Results for the day show a good sunburn and big blister on bottom of my foot. Made candy at night, wrote to Owen, Vern and Mother, obtained my pictures, and went to bed plenty tired.

Sunday, December 17, 1939
Sunday finds me crippled again and a hot back. Ship came in going to the States; wrote to Grandma and Bishop. Attended Priesthood meeting, S.S. and Sac. Mtg. sluffed off Feia Api  to keep Mc. company, he is sick, and to write my fable on the Pigs & the Wolf in Tahitian. Slept for a short while in the afternoon.

Monday, December 18, 1939
This month is surely speeding along; just like the rest of them. We are always busy but not doing much but attend the two meetings, etc. Today I was put on type reading... I still believe Pres. is going to stick me here in the office yet. Unable to go tracting today due to two things and my Senior Elders work. I have been made a Junior now with Elder Richards my Senior. Positions have all been changed; the real Juniors are the Seniors this week... Pres. is giving them all a chance at responsibility. It is a break for us Seniors. Staying in tonight.

Tuesday, December 19, 1939
Received a new assignment today from Pres and it is keeping me busy on proof reading. Besides classes I have spent practically all my time in the office. Work night and Uela and I & Chugg worked over-time trying to get the calendar stapled and finished.

Wednesday, December 20, 1939
During breakfast this morning Elders Setevens, Asay, Peterson and Halverson walked in on us; Steve with a two month beard and Pereti with a goatee & mustache. We surely got a laugh, and were glad to see them. Spent the day as usual, and went out and played ball. I've surely lost my interest in basketball. I got my sunburn peeling now.. worst I ever had.

Thursday, December 21, 1939
Today was the same as usual with the exception of a bunch of us going out to the ball park in the afternoon and indulging in a little basketball. The Juniors still hold the edge on us. Elder Randal and I played Elders Benson & Chris. in tennis and they cleaned us. Prepared lessons for tomorrow. Went tracting.

Friday, December 22, 1939
If it weren't so interesting and keeping us busy, this scedual would get very monotonous. In Gospel class we each had a chapter to cover in the Articles of Faith and not to talk over five minutes. I was 5 minutes and 30 seconds in covering the Holy Ghost. After class our quartet got together and practiced again. Stayed home all afternoon and at nite, being work nite, I bound and finished the "38" ve'a  books.

Saturday, December 23, 1939
Just came back with a big piece of cheese from a trip to the kitchen and now before retiring I shall try to write the day's happenings. Farane, Etera, Lui and I got up this morning at 4:30 amidst a sham battle of machine guns, air ships, men, etc. and went out for some tennis. We started playing when it was just about too dark to see the ball. We played about 8 sets and returned to the house too late for breakfast and class so I began my essay for Monday. Following dinner twenty-one of us went to play ball. Pres. ma  came out later. We had a tougher game today but once again the Seniors won by score 29-26, following which we went swimming again. Pres. & kids went in with us. Haven't done much since but eat, shower, clean up a bit, and get a rub-down. Sunburned again a little on my new skin.

 Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 24, 1939
Back to Church again for Priesthood Mtg., Sunday School and Sac. Mtg. and then in the afternoon I finished, almost, my essay on "If Thou Art the Son of God...". This evening we attended the Reorganite services. They surely put on a nice Xmas program. Ani's wife had asked four of us to come down to their meeting. They had a big tree loaded down with sacks of candy & gifts, which they gave to each after his name was read. Our names were right near the first. They called out "Orometua Mormoni", and you could have upset us. Some of Taura's work all right.

After the program, which lasted over three hours (We left before it ended), we walked through town. Three dance halls were in full swing, and they surely had to te oire  turned out. We hurried right on by, though the music sounded very good. After getting back to the house, the four of us, Nile, Viri, Ravora and myself, went around to each of the Elder's bed, awakened them and wished them a Merry Xmas. More fun! I surely don't get homesick.

Monday, December 25, 1939
Merry Christmas! And surely has been. We have been playing all day it seems. At daylight Farane, Etera, Melevina and I went out for a few sets of tennis. Returned back a few hours later and drank lots of limeade. Completed recopying my Essay before dinner and handed it in. Read a few pages on Joseph Smith's prophecies and then went to our Xmas dinner. This menu should be worth mentioning: chicken, fried and boiled, chicken noodles & gravey, creamed pea gravy, hash, mashed American potatoes, pickles, olives, lettuce, water cress, and then topped it off with pineapple ice cream and fruit cake. Not long after dinner we went out to play ball again. This time the Juniors were ahead 21 to 19 at the sixth inning then they wouldn't play anymore. Went to play basketball. Now I know basketball isn't what it used to be to me. I didn't have any desire to play and so I didn't. Had a good program among the Elders tonight. Exchanged gifts, sang, ate candy & nuts, laughed & laughed, saw King of Kings recording and am now ready for bed. G. Night.

Tuesday, December 26, 1939
Two more of that kind of meeting that a person is priveleged to attend only once in a life-time. Twenty-five of us, the only group with like authority in this part of the world, bore testimonies of the truth of the Gospel. These meetings are certainly held in a beautiful Spirit. It took the twenty-five of us seven hours to complete; two installments. I am keeping minutes for the entire meetings. Tonight was work night but it didn't take long to finish folding ve'as . Retired about 10:30 P.M.

Wednesday, December 27, 1939
Seven more hours divided between two meetings today. In the morning one Pres. Stevens told us his life history and a few instructions. In afternoon meeting four Elders discussed arguments against other chrches. We surely had a hard time keeping awake. Warm day and big meal. After meeting Elder Miller and I took a walk to town, got a hair-cut and weighed. 161 now. Too much sweating lately. Worked on getting the ve'a  stamped tonight, and Lui and I got the Tithing Report ready for S. Lake.

Thursday, December 28, 1939
Tere and I prepared breakfast for the gang this morning, and then we went to meeting for five hours straight in discussing Mission problems. We got a little tired of sitting but none of us went to sleep. Then came dinner and then we went to prepare for our ball game with a Tahitian team Saturday. Juniors beat us in baseball in seven innings after we had beaten them in the agreed five. Tonight we listened to the "Fulness of Times" on the recordings.

A mountain Stream in Fautaua

Friday, December 29, 1939
Following breakfast we all packed in two trucks and went up Faataua Canyon as far as we could. Then we got out and hiked a few miles on up a "trail" to the falls. It was rainey, muddy, but we reached there and surely saw some pretty scenery. Returned, after a bit, to the trucks and then went back down as far as the dam. There we swam, played ball and ate dinner. From there to the ball park where the big game of the year was played... the Seniors against the Juniors in baseball. We won by the score 11-12 in a tight, seven inning game. Then for good measure we played five innings and won again. Back home again we ate supper, then Pres. run his moving camera and all the rolls he has taken, while we sat eating candy and lichee. The whole gang is sun-burned, tired and pretty well worn out, but we are all happy.

Saturday, December 30, 1939
This morning at breakfast table we received our new assignments. I am assigned as Senior to Elder Haslem again only not for a trip out. He is Mission Sec. and I am Associate Editor to the ve'a ; we are to stay here indefinitely, tracting on the side, holding meetings, etc. I see a busy few months ahead of me. Later in the day a few of us went out for a little basketball. I finaly got hitting again and rather enjoyed the game. Listened to the Fulness of Times in the evening.

On a hike to the waterfall. "Farane"
caught me and Elder Chugg unexpectedly.

Sunday, December 31, 1939
And the big year closes. Very nice way to have the N.Y. come in... still in the labor of the Lord. This morning Elder Haslem and I visited the Catholic Church. They haven't any spiritual feeling at all that we could feel. A nice ceremony and all but it lacks the Authority. How they have changed from the simplicity Christ must have taught. During the afternoon I was busy at this and that. In the evening a program was presented by the Branch and the Elders. Pulled all the Elders out of bed as the N.Y. came in; a few of we night owls did. Ia ora na.

Monday, January 1, 1940
The beginning of a New Year and the beginning of breaking resolutions; I'm already a day behind in my diary. Today (Jan. 1) I have been filling book orders for the Elders, changing boxes.. I traded my big box to Farane for his little one and that called for repacking. Found plenty to do to keep me busy and not try to celebrate too much. More Fulness of Time at night and a game of checkers.

Tuesday, January 2, 1940
Elder Braegger and Chris. were to leave today for Katui but as the usual story goes, they didn't get off. I went down to see them off. A few of us took Sister Stevens over to the ice cream factory for ice cream. Worked on a shelf for my box. Elder Peterson had a table tennis set so we began indulging in that. "Pete" gave me a swell run for the championship but I got over him by one game. Retired quite late as usual.

Braegger, McEntire, Price, Benson, Chugg
Miller, Christenson, Randall, Halverson (6'5") Allred, Hunting
Y. Peterson, Asay
Richards, E. Peterson, Sanford, Haslem, Nance & Young
Chapman not present. Stevens took picture.

Wednesday, January 3, 1940
Plenty busy today! Began the morning by working out a lesson outline for Pupu Toru e te Maha.  Went down to see "Tere" and "Mel" off. They left and soon after Elders Wilde & Young left for Moorea. Returned to the house and worked on calendars for the tithe payers... letters, amounts, etc. Finished Tubuai, Papeete, and all of Lower Tua. Began taking over the printing job of running the press. Run 300 Irava parau  sheets through by leg locomotion. Went to meeting tonight. Beat "Pete" for tennis cham. again. 21-18 for him and 21-0 for me. Changed beds to sleep with Teina tonight in the house. I granduated evidently. Am caught up finally on diary.

Thursday, January 4, 1940
A plenty big day for me today again. I completed the letters and calendars for the tithe payers and then walked to town to order pictures for trade purposes. This evening after working hours I ran off 1300 sheets on the press; tried the motor on the last few. Made three errors. Earlier in the day I counted the things.... four piles of thirteen hundred and one of six hundred. Found an irava tamau aau  for the Paraimere.  Recreated a little while in late evening playing table tennis and drinking lime-ades.

Friday, January 5, 1940
Back in the printing room this morning I found six hundred more sheets I missed yesterday so I printed them, using the electric motor for a hundred or so. Worked awhile on Uela's dictionary too.

Went to town to see Lui, Farane, Eletona and Satanela off, but it's the same old story, they will leave tomorrow. We haaman'aed  about two hours or more there. Work night so I had the task of keeping the Elders busy and what a task to get them started, whew!! Tired again.

Saturday, January 6, 1940
Printed a few monthly time sheets early this morning and then said "Goodbye" to the four Elders who left for the Tuamotus. Received my pictures today and gave them all out but two. Wrote a letter to Heia ma  and mailed it today, thanking her for my bed-cover. In the afternoon Haurata and I went playing tennis. Had two sets but he beat himself so easily I didn't have to work. Returned home, received new assignment of chasing ships, printed again for an hour with the motor and then cleaned up. Viri, Steve and a few more of us went to the show, "The Street Singer" tonight. Returned home at 11:-- and went to bed.

Sunday, January 7, 1940
Priesthood meeting first this morning as usual, then Iosepha Beneteau asked me to go for a ride in his taxi out to his home. I went out to the other side of town and stayed until S.S. time. We played recordings and I bought a string belt from him. He brought me back in time for S.S., almost; I got in just as they were singing, "Tairuru Mai ". In Sac. meeting I closed with prayer. During the afternoon I read awhile and then went to sleep until almost meeting time. "Feia Api " at night and then I came in and am now ready for bed. Elders Chugg and Halverson got off for Manihi this morning.

 Post Office
The Post Office, also showing the American Counsel's home. On the waterfront road in Papeete.

Monday, January 8, 1940
Teina and I tried our schedual during the morning and it worked all right. Then just after dinner the Limerick came in from America. Petarona and I took the mail sack down a few hours after it landed but there was nothing doing at the post-office. I returned to the house and printed another side of the monthly time sheets. Teina went down again after mail but still nothing doing so we won't get it until tomorrow. This evening I began reading two books.. the Castle Builder and Public Speaking. Haurata and I planned on tennis for early morning and then after a couple of games, we all retired.

Tuesday, January 9, 1940
Haurata awakened me early this morning and we went out for a two set game; we split. After breakfast I finished up the Monthly Sheets and began reading. Teina came a little later with the mail sack full so I helped him sort that. I received three letters from Mother and Dad, one from Bro. Newman, one from Lucille (which was really a letter), a card from Mother, one from Gleldon Nelson ($), letter and $ from Stake Presidency, and a book "Return to Religion" from Mother. Of course we didn't accomplish much, any of us, the remainder of the day. Today Ray & Pereti, Iosepha and LaVora left for their districts. I helped Uela type more on his dictionary. In the evening we sat on the back porch eating candy, nuts and cookies, drinking limeade, eating fruit cake and playing checkers. A little later I went to bed and read. I didn't even hear Teina come in.

[Letter Home]

Wednesday, January 10, 1940
Up again not quite so early this morning. After breakfast I used a half hour in the printing room and then had that all caught up. I can't seem to get any work piled up on me down there but it will soon come I hope. Viri and Petarona left today for Raroia. I went down to see them off but didn't stay there long. Finished reading the book "Castle Builder"... pretty good book. Sorted the Elder's mail and got it ready for shipping to them today and then did some proof reading until supper-time. Wednesday night meeting and then I began a letter to Mother and folks.

Thursday, January 11, 1940
Haurata came in to wake me up this morning but when he got in it was 5:20 A.M. so we didn't go. Teina and I read Tah. B. of M. from 7-8 and from 8-9 I read Deseret News and then we went visiting a few Saints. Dinner and then a little printing and then read news until I began writing a letter (continuation). Surely have eaten lots of candy, fruit cake and pop corn this evening. Elder Price's treat.

Friday, January 12, 1940
Today on tracting we went out to give our district a study and visited with the Taahiata girls and then on out to Ray and Pereti's place on the shoreline. They surely have a nice place to stay. Back home again in time for dinner and then all afternoon I worked in the office. After finishing my work I helped Ioane a couple of hours on Genealogy work. Nothing much after we closed the books for the day. Started letter to B.

Saturday, January 13, 1940
A stormy morning so we kept busy in the office. I printed what pages they had ready, and other odd jobs that needed fixing. In the afternoon all of us played ball then went to Ray's place for a swim. Coming back Teina got his racket caught in my front wheel and gave me a pitch right over the handlebars onto my hands and knees. It broke four or five spokes out of the wheel and bent it all out of shape. I was barely skinned on the knee and tore my trousers leg just a little other than that it a fortunate tumble and could have been worse. Stayed in again tonight and read the newspapers. Cost of repairs 3 F. Dollars.

Sunday, January 14, 1940
Same today as every Sunday. One little difference-- I wrote a letter to Barbara, finished Mother's, and wrote one to Hoga, sending him a pin, picture, and gave Teahu a pencil..... and ate ice cream and cake for dinner, for afternoon and cake in the evening after meeting. Meeting was much better tonight, a good crowd out. Ioane and I blessed the Sac. for our part of the work today.

Brother J. T. Hubbard

Monday, January 15, 1940
After breakfast Teina and I began our class; today we prepared our lesson for next Sunday by reading most of Pene  28 III Nephi. Then I read to pages of my type so Marcel can get me going on the press again. Then at nine Teina and I went out. We spent the entire morning in talking with Mr. Hubbard, our little crippled friend who has been attending meetings lately. We surely had a good discusson with him on two or three Gospel subjects; he is very interested. I loaned him a Book of Mormon and a tract saying we would be back again. Just before dinner I went down to meet Tihoni and give him his Xmas box of candy. He was quite pleased. After dinner I worked on printing, etc. Then this afternoon we put on our old clothes and worked out on the Church yard grounds. Surely looking better around the place with new flowers, shrubs etc. Katherine is still badly layed-up. Doc came to see her then came to talk to Etera. Regardless of all the bawlings out he has had lately he got the last laugh tonight. Doc. told him to walk all he could. He surely is tickled.

Tuesday, January 16, 1940
We walked out past Roti's this morning to get to a tracting district and then we only met three households, then, as it was almost time for dinner, we hurried back. However it gave us time to get in a little discussion, one sided as usual, and to arrange for a Thurs. night (evening) meeting. After dinner Haurata and I ran out to the park for a couple of hours and then came back to work again. He was informed he will be going home next week. I read a book most of the evening and retired.

Wednesday, January 17, 1940
I began printing, working on the ve'a, this morning and ran off thirteen hundred & some sheets. Then we held class, or vice versa, and then went visiting our investigators Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Drane. We talked over quite a number of subjects and then I invited them up to the house to listen to the recordings, "The Fulness of Times". They surely enjoyed it. After the meeting we served ice cream. In the afternoon I did some proof reading and ran through the other side of the ve'a  sheets I printed this morning. Attended meeting at night with Iosepha, B. giving the Haapiiraa . Read more on "Return to Religion" and retired.

Thursday, January 18, 1940
Better perhaps if I just list the things I've done today rather than try to keep them in order. Printed thirteen hundred sheets today + on the ve'a . Went to town for morning walk to buy a belt and found myself looking for a camphorwood box but couldn't find a suitable one e au ai no te moni . Printed more ve'a  after dinner. Then in the afternoon I spent about an hour with Catherine. Tonight Teina and I went out to a schedual visit and surely found a warm welcome. I surely felt good while talking to them and showing pictures in the Picture Story of Mormoninsm book. They surely were a nice couple. We enjoyed the cool walk back in the moonlight.

Friday, January 19, 1940
Have more or less taken it easy today. Went for an hour's visit this morning to see Ani, Branch Pres. and also printed one plate of ve'a  and did some proof reading. After dinner I began reading B.Y.'s Dis. and got so sleepy I had to go play tennis with Elder Benson. We played to sets then some girls came in. We paired off and had two nice sets with them. Then another girl, who works in Bata's came so Etera sat out and I played with the three of them. Then Elder B. and I dressed and went home. This evening Haurata is packing, preparing to go home. Of course that calls for a few yarns to be swapped & we swapped 'em.

Saturday, January 20, 1940
Today we didn't get our exercise due to the stormy atmosphere so I busied myself in the press room, finishing 130 more sheets both sides. Also I wrote a long letter to Lucille, talked awhile with Vahine rii  who just came in from Takaroa, and in the evening Uela, Teina and I talked with Pres. out here. He gave us quite a good light on what is going to take place around here between now and his going home. I and Ray will go out about in May together to work in a district. Meanwhile I am editor with all the ve'a  turned over to me except setting type. He surely opened up to us.

Sunday, January 21, 1940
Not a thing new today. I have attended four meetings and kept the minutes in Priesthood and Sac. In the afternoon, I lay down to read B.Y.'s Disc. and went to sleep for two or three hours. Well, the day is gone and hasn't been a very exciting one I must say.

Monday, January 22, 1940
Yesterday Elders Stevens and Chapman came in from the district and this morning Pereti and Re did likewise, consequently Elder Heusser's farewell party was held. Elder Mc. and Ravorra, each having labored with him as Juniors told their conception of him and they surely told some good ones on himn. The humorous part was the fact that Haurata had forgotten all about such things and when the Elders brought up such stories he was really embarrassed. (They used their diarys.) Well, the serious part came when Pres. handed Howard Heusser his honorable release from the labors in the Tahitian Mission. It means he can go back to his loved ones at home but it also means something just about as big; his work must come to an end down in this wonderful country. It really was a momentous time with varied feelings among those of us who were present. The rest of the day I worked on ve'a, etc.

Tuesday, January 23, 1940
Right in line with my new assignment, I began getting the March issue of the ve'a  ready. This morning I wrote an editorial using III Nephi 11:6-12 as my theme, also the Ward Teachers lesson obtaining my material from the Dec. issue 1938 of Improvement Era; and the third topic was lesson outlne for month of March for the older folks and middle aged. This along with printing about 2600 sheets and folding ve'a  and keeping busy otherwise really took up my day. We even got in some table tennis with Etera's new set.

 Binding songbooks
At work binding songbooks in H.Q. Teina, Me, & Ri. (Haslem, Allred, and Halverson)

Wednesday, January 24, 1940
Up before breakfast and folding more pages; same following after everything was completed in the printing. I then began the assembling and completed all that was printed; nearly thirteen hundred ve'as  completely assembled. The next job will be to staple then, then fold, then stamp and address. What a job! I quite enjoy the work. More proof reading also took a little time. Wed. nite meeting tonight with Ani leading. Na'u te pure hopea.  Uela and I have been kidding each other about this and that, our days in the Leewards, Takaroa, etc. He's not such a bad egg once a person understands him. I still admire him! Even heared more about Aroarii, etc.

Thursday, January 25, 1940
Teina and I went to visit Jimmy and Bill today and surely spent a pleasant morning with them. They both have just about completed their Books of Mormon and claim it to be a very interesting book. In the printing room I ran off about two thousand Api no te Raau Ora.  I'm keeping just plenty busy with the ve'a  on my hands and all. In the evening I went into the attic and worked, re-stocking my trunks with moth balls and giving everything a good work over. I was up there until nearly eleven.

Friday, January 26, 1940
Wyatapu  came in this morning so I was busy the early part of the day writing to the Stake Pres. and to Bro. Newman and a five page letter to the Ward. After dinner Bill and Jimmy dropped in on us and we spent an enjoyable two hours together listening to the records and talking Gospel. I then printed more, began stapling the ve'a  and folding. Uela then took over the stapling then Teina began stamping and later on Ioane helped by folding. The result is the ve'a  is all stapled, all folded, all stamped, and now I just have to address it and mail it. I feel like a big day has been put in.


Saturday, January 27, 1940
I prepared breakfast this morning and after eating we sat at the table talking with Pres. He told us quite a number of stories about himself; swiping water-melons and getting caught; the farmer taking him and friends over and offered them ripe ones but not for them to pick green ones. (Marva piped up with, "I've heard this story before.) After eating and talking I began addressing the ve'a, worked until dinner then went down to see Haurata i to'na revaraa'tu i to'na iho fenua.  Re, Ioane, and I obtained a pass so that we could go aboard ship, or even get in the pal uahu.  The rest couldn't even get close due to close restrictions; we were allowed on board two minutes. We saw him off, however. Returning to the house I worked on addressing until theater time then we all went to see "The Great Ziegfield". They put one over as usual... only played half of it and the rest to be shown tomorrow night. What a joint! We retired about 11:.


Sunday, January 28, 1940
The first thing I knew this morning was Pres. standing in the door-way laughing at us. It was 7:00 A.M. and we were still in. Well, Teina & I soon got up. I didn't have any work today but the passing of Sac. Enjoyed the meetings. In the afternoon I read funny papers until a party started next door and then we watched some very pretty hula dancing for a couple of hours. Some fun that. Meeting tonight, a short talk with Jimmy and ice cream and lemon pie and now prayer and to bed I go.

Monday, January 29, 1940
Put in all morning and after so many hours, the vea was in the post-office all finished; surely glad to get that off. Began on my Ready References to the Book of Mormon in Tahitian; completed the references on Gospel. In the cool of the evening Elder Stevens & I took a walk down town, into Chinese stores and out, and then way out to the District to Ray's & Pereti's place for an hour. On returning to the house we were just in time to watch Pres.'s picture show and eat ice cream and cake. I heared from Iosepha and Teina that things were happening pretty startling from now on. Even I may be affected by the short season... October, maybe....

Tuesday, January 30, 1940
Proof reading first thing this morning and at 9:00 Teina and I went out. We (or I) arranged for a cottage meeting at Nina's for Thurs. night, weather permitting. We were a little late getting back but we didn't mind. Afternoon put me back at the desk and at the press. Finished Faith in my Ready Ref. Was going to have the girls over to-night to work but it has been raining all evening. April Ve'a  ready to print (or be set up in type.) We will get it off on time, perhaps.

Wednesday, January 31, 1940
Month of July (Jan.) ending and with it a happy surprise. We have been visiting our "white man" friends off and on all month, teaching, talking over news, and telling of our Church. Today in our visits with Mr. Hubbard he asked to be baptized. He is a man about 60 some odd years old and crippled (He has been that way most of his life.) There are just a few more things we wish to talk to him about and then he is ready for baptism. We are very happy about it too. In the morning I worked in the office, saw Pres. & Iosepha off to Moorea, and rode out to Pereti and Ray's for a little while. After dinner Teina and I played tennis for an hour or so and then returned back to work. After a haapiiraa  tonight I had a few of the girls in for an hours work and then asked them to go home at 9:00 P.M.

 Monthly Report


Thursday, February 1, 1940
Didn't do very much this morning but office work and play through the two picture shows we have lined up; one for tonight and one for Saturday. After dinner Elder Haslem and I once again went for a set of tennis. Returning, I read first sheet proofs to the March Ve'a. This evening we played "King of Kings". I read the script and Teina worked the machine. And to top the day off we saw the end of "Great Ziegfeld".

Friday, February 2, 1940
The entire day has been spent around the office and a walk to see Mr. Spitzs. I worked out five lesson outlines for the Pupu Piti e te maha  and have but two left. In the evening the Doc. came to see Katherine's leg. Iosepha and I went in to see it rebandaged. Well, that's the first time that looking at a cut or sore has affected me to the extent of a sweat and turned over stomach. I lasted it out though and then excused myself and went back to work. Before going to bed I printed 1250 sheets of vea and then turned them over and printed the back-side. Was a bit sleepy when I retired.

Saturday, February 3, 1940
Usual work around the office all morning and in the afternoon Teina and I went to the Parc for tennis, etc. Returned home, prepared for a meeting and when the time came we went down to Mr. Hubbards. Teina did the talking tonight and I worked the films. While we were there, holding a humble, little meeting, a party began next door with singing, dancing, laughing... I couldn't help but contrast the two. I surely am glad I'm on this side and not the other.

Sunday, February 4, 1940
I gave the Haapiiraa  in Priesthood meeting today for the first time in Papeete. The only thing wrong was it was too short. I just couldn't find enough on Elizabeth to talk an hour. The rest of the day was for meetings, sleep, and Elder Stevens and I went for a walk to the park, sat on a bench and watched all the pretty girls go by. Puni & his wife came by and took us to the ice cream factory and treated us to two cones and some cake. After Feia Api  he and I went to a Chink's home for a little funeral service put on by the Branch. It was good but we left a few minutes before it was over and came home to bed.

Monday, February 5, 1940
A wet day today, all day, so I was busy at office work getting a lesson outline prepared for the ve'a. In the evening Teina and I went out to Nina ma  house and played three reels of films. The people gathered there quite enjoyed it but I surely found my Tahitian language rusty. Really, inactivity with this tongue surely makes it difficult to get going. We went out with rain looking as though it would fall anytime and came back with it the same but didn't have to use our umbrellas. I got well along with the printing of the March issue of ve'a  today.

Tuesday, February 6, 1940
Still it rains and so much so that we didn't get out today. Consequently I printed and studied and then when I got caught up with March I began reading "Hurricane" and finished it before going to bed. Surely interesting and made me feel right at home. "Mon Cherie" and Aroarii came tonight to assist me in folding veas so I set them to work. Surely a nice, diligent couple of girls.

Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Quite a coincidence I must say! The first thing I heared this morning after getting downstairs before breakfast was a hurricane had struck Raiatea early this morning. Pres. had been down to market and the news was spreading; they (in R.) had wired over stating the same. To what extent of damage was done I don't know. We ourselves have been in the stormiest weath I have yet seen so steady. I've been working in the office all day and in the evening between rainstorms a meeting was held; I took charge of it tonight and Iosepha gave the lesson. Afterwards, feeling adventurous and wanting some excitement to come to our land, we (LaVora, Iosepha, Horate, Viiamu and I) went to the show. I surely enjoyed it. We surely laughed most of the way through.

Thursday, February 8, 1940
Another bad stormy day with a very queer glow in the sky. If I were on a Tuamotu I may feel a little uneasy but being on these mountains, I don't mind at all. Teina and I braved the rain today to visit Mr. Hubbard. Arrangements were herewith drawn for his baptism next Sunday. Our visit was well repaid. Today I completed the printing of the March Ve'a  and for the fiirst time in quite a long time it will be ready to mail on time... thanks to the Government. Began reading Pitcairn's Island today; spent most of the evening in reading.

Friday, February 9, 1940
Before anything else was done this morning I began the new assignment given me last night by Pres. Stevens, vis... catching up the Mission Diary from last Nov. to now. I finished that just an hour after dinner, having been writing most of the morning. Then I read and completed P.I. and got a good start on Mutiny on the Bounty... these books of down here rather have a tendency to interest me. Turned down an invitation to go see Doris and Irene tonight and stayed home to fold vea sheets. Regardless of the rain three of the girls came to assist me.

Saturday, February 10, 1940
Finally the storm has broken and today was very pretty.. just like spring. This morning Uela and I went to DuPont and had our passport pictures taken today. Then I returned to the house and took the job of cleaning out the magazine cupboard, throwing away a few hundred Liahonas, Milenial Star, and odds & ends. Now the cupboard looks as though it had been depleted but it's clean. In the afternoon Elder Stevens and I went playing tennis. I began teaching him how. After two sets with him, I engaged a Frenchman and expected to get my ears knocked down but to my surprise and his I won by 6-2. After a little basket shooting with Iosepha we returned home. This evening Teina and I held a little meeting with the old gentlemen and a few native friends. We had an interesting two hours with them.

[Letter Home]

Sunday, February 11, 1940
Mr. James Tyler Hubbard, 68, entered into the Church today. Elder Haslem and I took charge of arrangements. Following S.S. we all went out to the creek by Benny Perry's home, and regardless of the high water and muddy contents he and I entered into the stream. He is crippled, able, however, to walk and stands only about five feet tall. The rough stones and swirling water made it a bit hard for him but in we went. I carried him out to save his having to walk over the rocks again. On request of Elder Haslem, after I had given him choice of baptizing or confirming, I baptized and he confirmed him. It was a happy day all right. Sister Stevens asked him over to dinner and so they entertained him in the afternoon. Regular meetings went on as usual, and after a bit of jolly fooling around at night we went to sleep.

 Page 326

Monday, February 12, 1940
Passport pictures were in order today and as I have an extra I put it here to see how I look now when I look back fifty years. Elder Hunting and I went to the station, were finger-printed and went on record. Most of the day I was busy at the vea, assembling and stapling and this evening Elder Richards, Teina and I went to obtain Mr. Hubbards genealogy. Elder Richards talked to Bro. H., & Teina and I talked to Mr. Drain.

Tuesday, February 13, 1940
Assembling the ve'a  today kept me busy along with stapling until time to go tracting. We then went out to our friends' home and left a Book of Mormon and talked for a little while. They are coming to Church so they say, one of these first Sundays.. We left there about 11:00 and it took us until about dinner time to get back. After dinner I finished my book Mutiny on the Bounty and then continued vea work. In the evening the Doc. & his wife, a few natives, and friends of Bro. & Sister Stevens came to see a few of Pres.'s reels. We also played through King of Kings and the record on settling of Utah. Three of the girls came so I had them finish the assembling of the ve'a ; they did and a quick job too.

Wednesday, February 14, 1940
Between Uela and me we finished the stapling of the ve'a  and I did all the folding besides printing two thousand tracts. Teina and I went for a visit to Ani's home in the morning; I also bought a new hat (8 F). All afternoon I worked in the office and went to meeting at night. After meeting Ioane & I went for a walk to the wharf. Imagine our surprise to see the big ship in! That means mail for us tomorrow. A couple of girls hmm'd at us but we didn't pay any attention until they were past and then I looked but, right in their eyes. I felt so cheap, as I whirled my head front I hmmm'd to myself out-loud. They heared it and got quite a chuckle; we hurried on. It's time for prayer now so I guess we'll go up.

Thursday, February 15, 1940
We weren't able to get mail this morning until just about dinner time but I didn't mind the delay because it gave me sufficient time, with the help of Simone, Teipo and Aroarii to address the ve'a  and stamp it until I ran out of stamps. After dinner I went on reading until I had finished my letters and then I worked until the ve'a  was ready for the mail... four days ahead of time! My letters today consisted of a good family letter and news of Una & Hap's accident, Bishop's release, which is still a puzzle to me, and letters from Verba, Fern, and Una; not a note from Barbara as usual but I received a Bible Story book. Very nice for Primary lessons but I'm not around where I have to teach Primary anymore, but it's still a nice book. Today I have put in all of nine hours work on ve'a  and feel ready for bed now.

 Bible Stories

Friday, February 16, 1940
I've just moseyed around today, accomplishing but a very little. I printed 2000 more tracts and did a little proof reading this morning. In the afternoon I got a little thrill by receiving what looked like a telegram and I couldn't imagine what it could be. It was written in French and when I finally got it translated it turned out to be a money order. Bro. Newman had wired me two dollars but expenses taken out it came to $1.68. I also received a censored letter with two dollars in from the 287 Quorum of Seventies. Thanks to them! That about completed the day what with the girls coming at night.

Saturday, February 17, 1940
Another day passed and I spent most of it in reading Deseret News. This morning Teina and I went out long enough to get a picture meeting for tonight and now that is over so I guess I'll retire. Surely hasn't been much of a day but it'll pass.

Sunday, February 18, 1940
With four regular meetings and one at the riverside for Marama's baptism, plus our usual Sunday activities with a stroll through town and to the park this day has been happily passed. This evening after meeting Iosepha (Steve) and I went for a walk to look over an American yacht that had landed this evening. There were about 12 young fellows on her and in their first walk after stepping on shore they headed straight for Quinns. Well, they're welcome to it if that's what they're after.

Monday, February 19, 1940
No sooner had the day got a good start than Pereti raua o  Rei came in from the district. Soon after Uela and I went over to the apartment house for an administration to a little, sick girl. Following that I spent the rest of the morning with Elder Mc lookng at camphor wood boxes. We surely thought we had found a couple of good ones until after dinner then we took Pres. down and he showed us a few defects that changed our minds. Undaunted we continued our search and spent most of the early afternoon still seeking but still we haven't made a decision. Returning to the house we met Elders Miller and Peterson who had just returned from Ruiroa. Also talked with Bro. Hubbard and then after he left we ate supper. While we were eating Pres. walked in and asked me and Viri to go see a prospect tonight. We spent about two hours with Tohitia and he surely wants to become a member but he is leaving tomorrow for Makatea. If ever missionaries go there he will be baptized. We returned to the house and after eating ice cream and cake I am ready to retire; everyone else has. Uela & Ioane's party tonight.

Tuesday, February 20, 1940
Each day is about alike. Today I worked printing the last pages of Irava Parau, folded them and put them away. Tohitia came over this morning to tell us "goodbye" as he is leaving for Makatea soon. Then at one Viri and I went down to see him and family off. They were very pleased that we should do that. The rest of the day didn't amount to much.

Wednesday, February 21, 1940
Viri almost overslept this morning when it was his turn to get breakfast but due to pretty good speed for a Pukaura  from te mau raau  (sticks) he had it prepared on almost time. Teina and I went walking and met Bro. Hubbard, and I talked all morning on the Godhead to him. When we left I'm sure he had a better conception of what God is like. Rei & Petarona left today for Raraka; I rented his bike at 5,0 f a month. I completed folding the tract pile. Pereti and I were going to play tennis but the storm that looked like it was coming kept us back. Meeting tonight with Marcel taking the haapiiraa. A game of checkers and the day is over. I feel a little tough these days but I really don't notice it. Maybe a little flu..?? just a stiff neck, cold, and canker. But I'm O.K.

Thursday, February 22, 1940
One more stormy day but I didn't mind. I printed 2,000 oro'a  sheets in the morning and did a few odd jobs around. Viri and Pereti left for their district. Sister Stevens cooked dinner today and surely did swell. I ate as though my appetite had returned; Roti was ill. We four Elders cleaned up the dishes afterwards. Then Teina and I went out for two sets of tennis and then after I got back I assembled me an irava parau  book so that I can check the remainder of the answers. I heared Viri & Elder Chapman would have the binding to do so we're trying to rush things through. This evening I wrote a letter to Verba ma , and then at 11:00 retired.

Friday, February 23, 1940
30 more sheets of irava parau  first thing this morning and then I worked on vea subs. getting them filed in order. For recreation I took a ride out the western point on a bicycle for an hour. On returning home I read through some old eras before going back to work. Worked further on new ve'a  subs. until bedtime. Today the Gov. sent back our ve'a. They refused to print my article on tithing and from now on we are not allowed to collect or preach the law. It appears that plate passing must be stopped in the other Churches. Aue Fanani e !

Saturday, February 24, 1940
After my work was completed this morning such as proof reading, printing and stapling Oro'a  sheets I assisted Ioane ma  on Genealogy work. In the afternoon I rested for a couple of hours, in which Pres. caught me with my mouth wide open, and then I wrote a letter to Vern & Fern. Teina and I visited the little old men and there I took them through the phylosophy of Life for an hour. Returned home, exercised, showered, and am now ready to turn in.

Sunday, February 25, 1940
First thing this morning I began wondering what I would say in the speech I felt sure to get. But in Priesthood meeting Ani skipped over me so as yet I haven't one. He didn't assign me anything to do so I was going to relax. However when I entered the Church house, sat down by Bro. Hubbard, Ani asked me to offer opening prayer, e ua na reira vau e i reira i to'u iteraa e, aita e taata ia haapao i te opereraa o te oro'a ua haere au i raro e ua tauturu vau ia Huri nainai i te opereraa. After dinner I wrote letters... one to Mother ma, Vern ma, and finished Verba's. Sent a few pictures of our trip to fautaua home and a big one of me to Verb ma. This evening after meeting Ani asked me to go to an administration with him out to Nina's. Mere's little boy was ill. Ua na reira vau e na'u i faatahinu ia'na e na Ani te haamauraa. Tirara ia parau i teie nei po.

Monday, February 26, 1940
I folded irava parau  questions for awhile this morning and then helped for a little while on genealogy work with the regular duties of the office. Teina and I went to visit Mere to learn of the effects of the administration last evening. The kid was much better; Mere very pleased told us he had gone to sleep right after Ani & I left. His fever was gone too. Returned by way of Ani's to tell him. I haven't mentioned it before in my diary but there is a case of "worna-fever" struck this city. Over thirty deaths were reported this last week alone. This afternoon Ani called for me again to go with him to another administration. We went out along Fautaua road aways and then dropped off into a house. As we entered I saw the most emanciated man I have seen in months. Thin as a tooth-pick, weak, but he had something about him that seemed familiar to me. I had no sooner heared his voice and I began trying to place him... then it came to me. Garu of Takaroa! You could have blown me over. What a different picture now than the husky, energetic, clever fellow I knew in Takaroa. Sickness had him sure. If ever I put all I had in an administration it was there. This surprised me more than anything yet. In the evening Ioane & I began on a new idea. "Dear Elders" monthly, submitted and edited by the Office Farce.

Tuesday, February 27, 1940
Once again Teina and I went visiting Mere ma  and learned the child was well and happy. Visited Garu also but he wasn't anywhere around. Played a little tennis before dinner. During the afternoon Tauapiti came after me to go to an administration of his child. Ani happened to be here at the time so all went over. (I haven't felt so good myself today.) But later in the afternoon I printed more irava parau  sheets.. 3 more printings to go. In the evening I wrote a short 2 pg. letter to Miss Farr and got a good start on one to Una.

Wednesday, February 28, 1940
Elder Haslem and I visited Tauapiti's kid this morning and found him well and around. I see more and more just what power the Priesthood has. From there we went to Garu's and spent a pleasant hour with him. He isn't much better. Spent another hour before dinner in exercise. Office work and making four copies of Elders (Dear) letter, evening meeting, and writing a letter to Naomi, finishing Una's, and writing one to Rema and Edith. Retired at 11:00.

 Sverige Kungsholm

Thursday, February 29, 1940
During breakfast this morning I learned the big Swedish ship was just out of the lagoon. We rushed breakfast a little so we could go see it come in. Elder Haslem and I rode out to a point near the pass and there she was about coming through. Say, it is a beauty. The largest ship I have ever seen. Carrying something like 350 passengers, weight of about 22,000,000 tons, painted a pretty white, name Sverige Kungsholm. She surely looked beautiful on the lagoon, coasting up to the wharf. Teina and I pedaled back and were at the wharf as she was about to dock. A few incidents that made her coming worthwhile are: we all received two or three unexpected letters (Mother & Dad and Eldon.), it was a sight I have never seen before, I & Teina were standing close by when one of her five inch tying-up ropes snapped.. sounded like a cannon shot, and as she was pulling out a sailor jumped from the high deck into the lagoon and tried to swim ashore, was picked up by Potii's pufa  boat and crew and returned to ship. The day was badly broken into but well worth it. The remainder of the day I worked among the dead and on my own work in printing department. Was glad to receive mail. Elden surely writes interesting letters. Glad 18th won first half race. It's got me a little puzzled about Barbara's letters but I'm not worried. We have our "Dear Elders" all published and ready to send.

Friday, March 1, 1940
Today found me knee-deep in genealogy file cards today and among the four of us, we turned out 280 sheets all ready to be sent to Salt Lake. Also I proof read and printed the last sheets of Mau Irava Parau, the biggest publication turned out under Pres. Stevens. Now we are ready for binding. Have been around all day doing this and that.

Saturday, March 2, 1940
Right after breakfast Viri and Pereti came in from the district and not long afterwards, Iosepha and Lavora came. Once again our peace and tranquility was broken by quite a number being around. Both Iosepha and Pereti have been packing; they will be leaving for home next week. I made two trips to town today with Iosepha and the rest of the time I read a few of the latest Deseret News.... the latest being Feb. 2, 1940. Just two years ago today I received my call! How time passes!

Sunday, March 3, 1940
Rather enjoyed Fast meeting today. About eight different ones spoke including Pereti and Iosepha for their last time. After a big dinner Iosepha and I took our customary walk to town, looking 'em over. Just after S.S. we all went out to the baptism of Marcel's kid. Iosepha did the baptizing. Yvonne led a swell haapiiraa  tonight to close a good day.

Monday, March 4, 1940
Immediately after breakfast Elder's Stevens & Asay "farewell" was held. I talked about fifteen minutes digging up all the dirt I could on Pereti. We were there for two hours and it surely was interesting. Following meeting I began taking inventory on all the books in the cupboard... it took me until dinner and then some. Then Iosepha and I again went to town. This time I bought three little "hula" skirts, with the three little girls in mind. Later I bought a table cover for Fern, I think. That is who I have in mind. I worked out an article for the ward teachers message for next month and now I am ready for bed.

Tuesday, March 5, 1940
I was awakened this morning by Ani calling me from downstairs. He had brought over the table cover I purchased yesterday. I didn't see him but Teina brought the cover up. Quite nice. Following breakfast I translated a few more verses of my Doc. & Cov. Sec. 88, then I did more proof reading as we have started on the ve'a  for next month. This evening I printed the one side of first page - 1300. The day was quite long and I surely was restless. Viri and Lavora returned to the district and Iosepha & Pereti are still packing. Uela and Ioane are leaving for Moorea tomorrow and of course have been chasing around.

Wednesday, March 6, 1940
Began printing this morning before breakfast and continued it after. When I was finished there Teina & I went visiting again for a couple of hours. Following dinner Pereti and I went out and I taught him a few fundimentals of tennis. Back home again for proof reading, entertaining Jimmy and Bill and then this evening meeting, then a shower and a little laundry washed, and after writing a two page both sides letter to Mother ma, I am retiring... after this is finished.


Thursday, March 7, 1940
Elders Asay and Stevens began helping today on assembling the new Irava Parau  and we got a good start on it. I spent most of my time, however, printing the April ve'a .. ran off 3300 sheets today. If I keep on I will turn it out on time again. Today Doris cancelled the date we made but she made us promise to come down Monday night. She & Irene are having a party tomorrow night for a few friends who are leaving on the next ship. Well, work constituted most of the day but Iosepha and I walked to town again anyway. I bought me a new Gillette razor for a change.

Friday, March 8, 1940
Back to work again. We spent most of the day in assembling and I folded 1300 sheets of vea too. Didn't even find time to go to town. Enjoy working once again with Pereti & Iosepha and it seems we got quite a lot accomplish... 299 Irava Parau  books completely assembled;. over 300 pages each. Worked a little more on my Sec. 88-. (Good joke - the man and the ham sandwich.. piti 1 bite, uiti. 2 bites, whoops.

Saturday, March 9, 1940
Worked at the usual things during the entire morning and then after dinner we four went out to Parc des Sports  for a little doubles tennis. Pereti and I beat Teina and Iosepha for the ice cold haaris. The evening was spent around home.

Sunday, March 10, 1940
For some reason or other I wasn't assigned a talk for Sac. Mtg. but I did get the assignment for next week's Priesthood lesson. Really didn't do very much today but take it easy. Viri and I took a ride out along the road and visited a couple of homes. This afternoon Iosepha and I were asked by Ani to deliver the funeral sermon of Garu who died today at 2:00. Then he changed and gave me the sermon and Iosepha a prayer. Feia Api  at night and a ride out in Nina's car to Garu's house for a house-warming. A few of the brethren talked and the women all sang, and all in all it was a good service... Garu's remains lay on a couch out in the middle of the floor in front of us. I surely got accustomed to staring at a corpse and surely was sorry it was one of my friends...

Monday, March 11, 1940
Once again I assumed regular duties along in the morning and also prepared a few thoughts on the side, for my talk this afternoon at 4:00 P.M. Then at the appointed hour, I gave my first funeral sermon. I spoke for fifteen minutes... not at all (?) nervous after the first minute but my mouth was very dry. Well, I hope I gave them a few worthwhile thoughts. After the service Pres. hired a taxi and we all went out. Our 1940 Ford led the parade. After a ceremony at the graveside we returned, ate lots of ice cream, cake (but not, however, in way of celebration.

Another highlight of the day was keeping our date with Irene and Doris. They surely are attractive, personality plus girls. We surely spent an enjoyable three hours with them and Oh Boy! Now I find myself with a few tennis dates on my hands..... with of course the sanction of Pres. Stevens (which I obtained this morning during breakfast) and on Sat. afternoons only so as not to interfere with real labor. Well, it's all pretty nice.

Tuesday, March 12, 1940
Gosh, it's hard to keep up this diary these days. It's really the 14th today and I'm still behind. Surely do wish the ship would come and take these two Elders home so we wouldn't be bothered so much. They do a little work now and then on the books but not much. This morning (12th) Teina and I went visiting and made a date with our friends for the theater tonight. Well, three of us went and the show turned out to be one I had seen. Oh well, a day's a day.

Wednesday, March 13, 1940
Worked hard all morning printing and then in way of celebrating "to Iosepha raua Pereti reva raa ", we all four went out and spent the afternoon at the ball park playing tennis. We rated a game with the cute little French-speaking girl today. Returned by way of the Chink's, bought ice cold haaris , and a watermelon. After meeting tonight I met Garu's woman out in the hall and talked awhile with her. How surprised and pleased I was when she requested baptism! Well, sometimes funerals are for the best.

Following that, Elder Haslem and I rode out to Nina's to keep a date there. It turned out to be her Birthday so we rated lots of ice cream & cake and punch. Surely enjoyed the evening to the utmost. Returned home quite late.

Thursday, March 14, 1940
(Behind again.. today really being Sunday, but aita e ravea. ) Thursday we went visiting, for the last time, old Bill and Jimmy. Bill is leaving as soon as the Limerick  gets in. Worked the rest of the day in the office.. printing.

Friday, March 15, 1940
We went out this morning to visit the home where we left a B. of M. and spent awhile with them.. not married so that lets a good prospect out.. for a time at least. Usual work, and then in the evening Elder Asay and I went to the park to hear the band concert. We listened and enjoyed the music for a few minutes then Moemoea came and sat beside us. Well, needless to say, we neither paid any more attention to the music. That girl really has a personality I've never seen equaled and very likely never will. Also met a few of her friends after the concert and Mrs. Chapman again. Surely made the evening worthwhile.

Saturday, March 16, 1940
Today I made a big effort to get the ve'a  out, (having received the initiative last night,) and so with Pereti's help we completed the folding, and then with Iosepha's help we completed the stapling. Now it is ready to fold again, stamp, and address. Along with that I printed 500 tickets for Takaroa's first G. & G. Ball. What a hit that will make. Probably be some apostacies.

Being Sat. afternoon, we played tennis.. the loosers buying the cold haaris  again. Iosepha & I won again. Teina treated us to a big watermelon as it was his birthday yesterday. Though P. and I had an invitation down to Moemoea's (Irene's) home this afternoon, we sluffed it as the Limerick  came in and so P. was very busy. At home again at night with a sore throat, cold, and what not. Iosepha is sick with cold as is Pereti; and now I am coming down.

Sunday, March 17, 1940
A trip to market early this morning to buy a sack of oranges, vis, haaris, and limes for the two Elders to take on ship began the day for me. Though I felt pretty groggy and done up when I got up, I felt better after moving around. Worse cold I've had down here. I gave the Priesthood haapiiraa  this morning on Te ohipa i oti Ia'na  and following S.S. a truck load of members and a taxi loaded down went out for the purpose of baptism of Terii â Teheiura (25). It's surely a great feeling to be privileged to perform the ordinance. Pres. confirmed her in Sac. mtg. The Elder's ship didn't get away so they are still around. A big British battleship came in today so the town is wild and full of sailors. P. and I spent quite sometime running around on our bicycles just looking. (We still didn't keep our appointment with Irene.)

Monday, March 18, 1940
I put in nine good solid hours work today and the result being I got the stapled vea folded, stamped and all five hundred of Tahiti nei  and Foreign all addressed, ready to mail.

P. met Moemoea today and she surely haamamu ia'na. Ua haama roa oia no te mea ua ere maua i to matou farereiraa. E ua faaite atoa mai oia ia'na i to'na riri ia'u. Ua parau maira via, "A faaite oe i tera taata Rutena, eiaha ona e tae faahou i to'u fare." Ua riri oia. Noa'tu râ, eita roavau i haama. 

Well, having spent most of the day at the office it passed quite uneventful.

Tuesday, March 19, 1940
We went out visiting for awhile this morning but not for long. Met Matira at Tihoni's home and had a nice visit with her. Also delivered Ray's picture for him. Nothing much further during the day but work. In the evening râ, ua haere matou i Lovora e Pereti i te area ia faaroo i te pupu pu Englais. Ireira ua farerei matou i tera na tamahine. Ua tia mai raua i pihaiiho ia matou ra ma te paraparau. Ua ani atu vau ia Moemoea, "Eiaha, aita oe e riri ia'u? Ua maere au i teie nei farereiraa. ua mana'o vau, eita paha taua e farerei faahou." Ua faaite mai oia ia'u e, ua riri roa oia i taua taime ra e e rave ino roa ta matou area râ, ua faatia nai ona ia maua e ua riro faahou maua ei na hoa no'na. Na ani faahou ona ia'u ia tae i to'na fare noa'tu te mahana.. Monire, Mahana Piti. Mahana toru, Mahana Maha, aita e hope i te mahana o te hebedonea.

Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Back to office again (or rather printing room. I ran off 4000 sheets this morning and in the afternoon Pereti & Iosepha helped me fold them. Also have been working on my Doctrine and Cov. Section 88. This evening we went to meeting and then afterwards P. had arranged i te hoe farereiraa i o Chapman's, ua haere matou o Iosepha i reira. We stayed but a half hour then came home to bed.

Thursday, March 21, 1940
Nothing unusual except a good visit with Pereti at Petero's home. Best talk I've had with a non-member for quite sometime. He has quite smoking... quit the day Missionaries (Ray & P.) left his home. Outside of that the usual trend of work has kept me around. I'm surely getting tired of writing in this book.... and of the heat, etc. I don't feel so good. Have 20 verses of D. & Cov. to complete.

Friday, March 22, 1940
At last I located my long lost friend from Anaa.. Tekahu â Fauura. In our tracting this morning we hunted her down and surely spent an enjoyable hour talking with her. Just as nice as ever. Nothing further of interest during the day. This evening Teina and I worked out our Dear Elders monthly and have it ready for copies. I wrote a letter to Eldon too today.

Saturday, March 23, 1940
Before breakfast I sat on my box and wrote down the Ward Teachers lesson to go in next months ve'a. Pres. passed on it O.K. along with "Dear Elders". During the morning I bound books and in the afternoon all six of us went to Fautaua and then up to the swimming pond. This evening we were guests of Pres. & Sister Stevens, listened to the radio and ate ice cream. Nice evening.

Sunday, March 24, 1940
Received no assignment today in Priesthood meeting so I merely sat by and listened. Teina and Viri each a'o'ed  for a few minutes in Sac. Mtg. During the afternoon I read a little, slept a little, went bicycle riding awhile, and went to bed at night. The Limerick  pulled over next to the wharf so the report is they will leave tomorrow morning.

Monday, March 25, 1940
The first thing after breakfast P. visited the ship office and they told him to rush his things on board. Of course we used most of the morning seeing them off... just barely off the harbor, where the tied up for another wait. Meanwhile I kept Marcel busy and also wrote an Editoriale. They wouldn't issue any permits to get aboard so we didn't even get to tell the Elders Good Bye. About 3:00 P.M. the ship whistled and before I reached the dock, it was pulling out of the pass. later I met Irene who was very sorry she hadn't had a chance to say Good-bye to them. This evening with only four of us it seems quite lonesome. Pres. has asked me & Teina to take a ride out to Pueu next week-end for meeting purposes.

Tuesday, March 26, 1940
Rode out to Viri's this morning, (taata tarai raau ) and talked with him awhile and then stopped in at Teaki's for a little visit. The rest of the day saw me busy on Doc. & Cov., Elder's letter, a letter to Teuira i Pueu, and proof plus any other bit of odd work that came.

 Dorothy Lamour

Wednesday, March 27, 1940
Not since I've been in here have I been so completely caught up in work. Outside of the usual bit of printing, I find I have time now for other things. Our Elder's letter is finished, today I handed in Sec. 88 complete, and printed 500 pages of the new Tahitian Ready Reference for the Bible. Also on the side I printed sheets with borders for our Monthly letter. This evening following the haapiiraa  Ioane, Uela (who came in today from Moorea) Teina and I went to the show. "Jungle Princess". Surely a crowd! Viri ma  left for the District today.

A picture of pictures by Simpson

Thursday, March 28, 1940
The early part of the morning I spent making the rounds with Teina on his shopping tour, then as we had a little time between that and our visiting hour, we went to buy me a tiare Tahiti  from Mr. Simpson. We met him coming in to town and he said he was out of them so I ordered one made up. From there we went out to visit Petero ma  and spent a good hour with them. All that is keeping he and his wife out of the Church is they aren't married. That surely stops a lot of them. More work and printing in the afternoon.

Friday, March 29, 1940
This morning the first news we heared was a ship was in. Waiotapu  made a quick return and so we received mail.. mine consisted of five letters.. Mother and Dad, Naomi, Fern, Bro Newman $2.50 and Grandma A. And, as the Cape Horn  came in going north, I had to write. I answered Mother's and wrote one to Grandma C. I handled the mail sack part of the time today so I didn't get much done. In the evening Uela and I went to the Concert. Spent most of the time there talking to Roti and Mere.

Saturday, March 30, 1940
Still more chasing to the P.O. getting 2nd class mail. After dinner Teina and I got on our bike and pumped about 7 mi. out to Punaauia to take Elder Miller ma  their mail. It took us just one hour. Soon after we arrived, Viri suggested going swimming, so we did and had an enjoyable two hours among the rocks. Stayed there overnight. Wrote Grandma A.

Sunday, March 31, 1940
All morning we lounged around at Viri's, just taking it easy as though we were on a vacation in the mountains. After dinner we said goodbye to them and came home, showered, and read newspapers until meeting time. Went to Feia Api  and then to bed, after reading a little more.

Monday, April 1, 1940
Mahana haavare  for all the natives and they surely tried to catch the missionaries, but we didn't seem to "bite" very easy. The usual day for me except I whitewashed a section of the fence and then Mapu and Ani finished. This evening Viriamu, Horate and I went to obtain a few books left at Chapman's and also to deliver the two Elder's papers I had promised Irene. We surely had an enjoyable evening. She sang and played her new piano. Elder young sang and I hit the guitar. All in all it was a very worthwhile evening. Returned home at 11:30.

Tuesday, April 2, 1940
Each day I get more and more tired of writing in this book. I have plenty to write about but it just doesn't seem to be worthwhile to write it down. Marcel began printing the ve'a  (setting up type) today. The Gov., having forbidden us to print any more news has certainly thrown a slam at the natives. They surely liked our ve'a  for just that reason. Even Ruru is peeved over it. Today Teina and I visited Teaki, a cop and his wife, and Bro. Hubbard, to give him his certificate or recommend. We made a special evening visit for that. He gave me a book of writing paper and told how I could reach him. I've surely become attached to the little old fellow.

Wednesday, April 3, 1940
Today I began printing the vea and after proof reading the first four pages, I printed them. Along with that I worked more on typeing the Doc. and Cov. in Tahitian to send to S.L. The majority of my time has been around here today. Teina went visiting with Uela today and as Ioane has a disabled foot, we haven't been able to get out yet. Bro. Hubbard left today for Raratonga. I arrived at the wharf just as they were pulling away. It will be a long time before we meet again. I gave him "A Brief History of the Church" for a remembrance. More printing tonight and them I shall call it a day. Wrote to Farane too.

Thursday, April 4, 1940
More printing with nothing of much interest today. I am oficially Editor now.

Friday, April 5, 1940
Elders Miller and Chapman came in from P. this morning so there are eight of us around now. I spent a little of today in town, a little time visiting an investigator with Horate, more time printing, and an hour or two watching a Hapiiraa hohoa  put on by the branch.

Saturday, April 6, 1940
Most of the day in meetings with the opening day of Conf. A few Elders were assigned to talk but my record is still unborken of having never talked in a Conf. down here, so far. Today seemed so much like Sunday that there really wasn't much done. 5 meetings in all.

Sunday, April 7, 1940
2nd day of Conf. is over and I am still able to report I have never given a Conf. speech down here. Today being Fast Sunday kept me from it. A little flare up between Marcel and others rather spoiled the spirit today but all six meetings were very enjoyable. Jamau came today from Hikueru... she didn't take Sac; I was glad to meet her again anyway. About three-thirty dinner was served which consisted of a large serving of real Chinese Chop Suey. Ah Yoo's cook was hired for the job and he surely turned out the meal. It was all I could do to eat half of mine and then I came second. Viri ate all of his and did he ever have to run the gauntlet of kidding. There were over 14 different items in it such as shrimps, chicken, ham, fresh pork, noodles, chestnuts, peppers, onions, wheat shoots, mushrooms, sauce and a couple of things we couldn't recognize. It took us two hours at the table. And then to top that off we had a quarter of a melon apeice. Wow! Sister Stevens said, "Do you think a Chink can really eat a full serving like this?" Then she remembered Elder Miller, "Well, I guess he can, Elder Miller did." I finished mine after meeting at night becoming the second to do away with the full sized bowl. Meeting at night and then we all retired.. stuffed.

 Page 348

Monday, April 8, 1940
It rained today for the first time in quite sometime. Rather helped cool things off. Elder Miller and Wilde, Hunting and Chapman, and President are all packing their trunks, boxes, etc. and so it's quite a stir around here. I am glad I have the seclusion of the office and printing room. Today I printed more ve'as  and proof read more. Proved a little D. Carn. on Marcel today due to a certain construction. Obtained my two white tihikos  from Ruru today. 175 F. Tonight I had three of the girls in for about two hours to work on folding the vea. We got two piles completely done.

Tuesday, April 9, 1940
Printed more ve'a , typed more Doc. & Cov., talked with the Elders, and the day was over. Chappy and I went to the show at night but it was French so we didn't go in. Stayed in and read Arizona Desert.

 Page 349

Wednesday, April 10, 1940
More printing, more typeing. Then I wrote a letter to Mother to be sent on the French ship that should be here soon. I received a letter from Hoga today telling about Marokau. Yesterday I met Tukihiti and Temanu. They both came in on account of sickness. They went to the hospital today. This evening President gave a good lecture on repentance. It surely hit home with lots of the people. Following that Elders Young, Wilde, Chapman and I went to see "The General Died at Dawn". I remember having seen the show years ago. Just before the main feature started, there was a light explosion; all eyes whirled to the projection room and a big flame was visible through the projector holes. Immediately the house was in an uproar with people running out. It surely sounded like a stampede. We four held our seats knowing it to be safer to wait a little while than to jump into the crowd. The building surely emptied fast but as soon as the lights went on order was restored, the fire was out and everybody returned to their seats. After a short wait, the main feature was played with no further trouble. That little excitement made the whole evening worthwhile.

 K.R. Junior
K.R. Junior
Tou aroha ia' oe Rudena
Setefano, nainai age 6 months Apr. 11, 1940

Thursday, April 11, 1940
Only the 11th but the ve'a  is all printed, folded and ready to be assembled. I have spent a big day today printing, typeing, filling out Mission S.S. Report, making a vist and helping the girls fold tonight. Received word from Pres. today to print 5000 sheets of Moni Oro'a. That means quite a few more hours at the press. Word was received today from S. Lake informing Pres. to go home in June. His successor will be down in August. He wouldn't tell us who it will be. Ua haama rii au i teie po no te mea ua apa mai Horate ia'u. Na Miss Chapman i faaite ia'na ia na reira ia'u. Na mua to'u revaraa mai mai roto mai i to ratou fare. Ma muri Viriamu ma. Aue ia'u e.

Friday, April 12, 1940
My turn to get breakfast again so I was up about fifteen minutes before my usual time. From breakfast until about dinner time I was busy printing Moni Oro'a  blanks. Pres. asked for 5000 to be printed. So I was busy. During breakfast this morning Pres. told us our assignments. He is leaving in June and the new pres. will be down in August. Elder Haslem is to be in charge of the books and general Mission as a whole. I am chief adviser and in charge of all the printing activities. Elder Richards is an adviser and will continue with Doc. & Cov.'s work. He also stated the reason he couldn't leave Elders McEntire, Benson and me (who will be the senior Elders then) in charge is because we may leave the Mission before the new Pres. gets down. That all depends on the ships. We have our reservations made and when that certain ship comes we must take it. Teina is the best man all around because he has worked here over eight months as Secretary. We all will surely have a responsibility to carry. This evening Elders young, Wilde and I went to the concert again. Of course i muri a'e to Moemoea e to'na mama taeraa i reira, aita i nehenehe ia matou ia faaroo faahou te pupu pu. Ua riro Horate ei "barrier" rahi i ropu ia maua o M. Area râ, no to'na faahiti-pinepine-raa i te i'oa "Baby" ia'u, ua tupu to'u fiu.

Saturday, April 13, 1940
All morning at the press and I finished the 5000 sheets and along with that I did 500 on both sides of the Ready Reference. Surely tired tonight due to the fact Teina, Viri, Lavora, and Viriamu and I went out to the sports park and from there up to the swimming dam. While we were there a carload of Kanitos came along. We all joined together in a game of water keep away with a rubber ball. Quite a friendly bunch. Were there about three hours. Returned home, ate, showered, finished printing, and am now ready for bed.

Sunday, April 14, 1940
In Priesthood meeting I was assigned a talk for Sac. meeting and so between meetings I was busy preparing a few thoughts. Then in Sac. meeting the talks began, first, Viriamu, and he took about 17 minutes; then Viri, and he took 16 minutes; then Horate and he finished the hour so I was asked to keep mine until next Sunday. Shucks! All that to go through again. In the afternoon we read newspapers and then Chappy and I went bike riding for a couple of hours. This evening, inasmuch as I and Ioane have been asked by Pres. to conduct a play, I got Pres.'s copy of one and Ioane & I chose a cast. Teumere is the only one so far asked to be in it; She has the lead and can she handle it!

Monday, April 15, 1940
Five Elders left today so that only leaves 3 of us now. Elder Young went to Nihiru, Elders Wilde & Richards to Moorea. Seems good to have just a few here again. Chappy and Viri left i a haati roa i Tahiti nei. During the morning I was typeing me a copy of the play. Pres. came in, pulled up a chair, and had a good talk with me. He was wondering if I or Ray or Elder Benson would feel hurt if he left the Mission in a younger Elder's hands. His reasons for doing so being that Teina had been working in the office almost a full year & understood the book work. Another being that we three are first on the waiting list and will have to take what ever ship can carry passengers. He is quite sure we will leave in August. He also told me I had a big responsibility as Editeur de la Mision. Yes, I'm not doubting that after these past months. After informing me as to the set-up of where the Elders will be during those months, we broke it up and I went on typeing. I spent some time in town today seeing Viriamu off and also the Moorea Elders. Bought Temanu a pair of shoes as he wrote over saying the hospital floor is cold on his feet. I worked far into the night correcting some work the girls had mussed up while assembling the vea, also printing 2000 sheets. Very warm & sultry tonight.

Tuesday, April 16, 1940
One more day gone by and I'm not caught up with my work. Have been at it all day but still haven't made much show. The vea is all straightened out from the mistake the girls made last night, and I also got it all stapled this morning. Along with that I worked on the ten Sec. of Doc. & Cov. that has been assigned to me. After dinner Teina & I went over to visit Temanu in the hospital, gave him a little encouragement and delivered his shoes to him. From there back up here to work again. After a supper of fried eggs on cheese and lettuce, I attended the Presidency of the Branch meeting.. having been asked to cover that by Pres. Stevens.

Wednesday, April 17, 1940
Up again this morning to prepare breakfast for the gang, and then following that I began printing. During the printing of 2,000 sheets, one pile of 300 got turned around and I printed them upside down, thereby necessitating setting up two pages of type and running them through again. Biggest blunder I've made yet on it. Today I found quite a number of packages of the book Added Upon  printed in Tahitian. I had some time talking Pres. into letting me and Marcel go on with the translating and the printing but I finally obtained permission. I would like to see it finished before I leave. Wrote to Naomi today teling her about the news of a new Pres. and also wrote to Ray's Dad.

Went to visit the two fellows in the hospital again today. Meeting at night.

Thursday, April 18, 1940
Simone and Fifi helped me all day folding, stamping and addressing the ve'a. Consequently we completed Moorea's, Leewards, and the Tuamotus. Between resting periods I worked on the typeing of the old mission diary back in 1900... on. Surely is interesting. The Elders back in those days surely had it different and harder than we do. Tales of the cyclones, Elder Wright, sicknessess, Elders, etc. are surely interesting. For reading today I just about finished Added Upon. This evening I had the play cast in and read our play to them. They all seemed agreeable to take part.

Friday, April 19, 1940
This morning I was busy pasting names on all the Tahiti veas. About noon saw everything cleared away with just a few less than 1000 ready to be mailed. I mailed all the Foreign, but am holding Tahiti's for a little while. Worked out a few more verses on my Tahitian Doc. & Cov. and this evening printed 500 more sheets of Ready Reference. The day is gone.

Saturday, April 20, 1940
It's Monday and I can't remember much about what I did Saturday except more work in the office in the morning and then in the afternoon Teina and I went for a few games of tennis. Stayed home the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Sunday, April 21, 1940
Finally gave an a'oraa, using "Te tia-faahou-rau " as a subject. Lasted just over ten minutes. In the afternoon following a big fried chicken dinner, hash, American spuds, and all the trimmings, I typed out the parts to our play for distribution this evening. Later Uela and I went for a walk and sat on a bench on the waterfront, refreshing ourselves in the cool lagoon breeze. Feia Api  in the evening and I enjoyed the meeting mo te mea, tei pihaiiho Teumere ia'u. Later I distributed the parts to the play. Kio refused to accept. Surely a beautiful full moon tonight... and we went in to the house to keep away from it.

Monday, April 22, 1940
More printing, more translating, more office work, more typeing of the old Mission Diary, and this evening a few of the girls were in to help me fold printed matter.

Tuesday, April 23, 1940
The morning again on 2000 sheets of Te Raiiri, etc. Once again typeing on the diary, and working Doc. & Cov. This evening Pres. informed me and Teina that we are to take a vacation trip to Moorea Friday and return Tuesday. Well, I hope it turns out all right. This evening I read Way to Perfection, and stayed in.

Wednesday, April 24, 1940
All morning I typed on the diary, taking time out only to buy two afata parau  for 75 F apeice. In the afternoon I kept Marcel busy setting up type for Ready Ref. We are about finished with that. This afternoon I bought Tatoa's omore ; he set the price and I couldn't resist 130 F. This evening Elder Hunting treated us all to the show "Good Earth" so he, Pres., Teina and I left after meeting for the theater. I enjoyed it as much this time as I did before.


Thursday, April 25, 1940
First thing this morning after the usual breakfast procedure Teina and I rode out to Nina's to get my new hat Mere had made. She charged me 70 f. but I guess it was worth it and I couldn't turn it down. When we returned here we found Elder Miller and Chapman fresh in again. From then on I completed my Doc. & Cov. & handed it in, got signed out at the police station for our ride to Moorea tomorrow, and this evening wrote up a faith promoting incident. Now to print awhile and then go to bed. Ah yes! We got off the April issue of Elders Monthly.

Friday, April 26, 1940
Though today is really the 30th, the following few days diary has been kept up. I have been writing it on a scratch pad I carried with me.

"Following breakfast this morning, Elders Miller, Haslem and I left on board the "Tamarii Tahiti", little     ton boat to go to Moorea. As Pres. had said, "You take care of the first hour and the second will take care of itself." Well, I was feeling fine the first hour, but right on the first minute of the second hour the ocean took over and from then on the Island of Moorea couldn't be reached too soon. I had two spasms before landing but outside of the "heaving" I felt all right. Just two hours from the time we left we landed in Afareaitu. There we met Ioane & Horate. They were just in the middle of preparing their stage for their play tonight. We spent the rest of the day helping them, visiting with them, and meeting some nice people.

Tonight the play "Esetera" was put on, and I must say it was a success. There surely were a great number of people who attended, this being the first play they had ever seen. The natives (Protestants) did all the acting, Ioane was advisor, Teina & I handled the curtains, Viri & Horate the lights and they and I led the singing between acts. The French Administrator was there and the Gov. of Moorea. The only thing that marred the procedure was, the Protestant Deacon, who was taking charge, closed the meeting with profound thanks to the missionaries no te Ekalesia i Taaapihia ra. That didn't matter much as all the people know who we are. After the play, limeade was served. About 12 P.M. we retired... Teina, Horate and I to the bed, Ioane to a pair of boxes and Viri to a peue  on some boards. Horate didn't like the middle, so after he thought we were all asleep, he got up and tried to sleep in a chair. What a night. "Continued"

 Cook's Bay
Cook's Bay in 2008

Saturday, April 27, 1940
Today we relaxed.. reading, talking, visiting. Then about four P.M. Viri, Teina and I started around the Island on our bicycles. We enjoyed the scenery very much, the rode was fairly good as we liesurely pumped along. Just at dusk we stopped at a little clean hotel on the seashore of Cook's Bay. (Hotela P    ) Of all the beautiful scenes I have witnessed, this one stands near the top of the list. Many white men had told us if ever we go to Moorea be sure to see Cook's Bay. The large rugged silhouette peaks directly behind the calm bay surrounded by coconut palms. It really is beautiful. About 9:00 P.M. we retired; Teina & I the bed, Viri the one on the floor.

Sunday, April 28, 1940
We arose soon after daylight, awakened the French lady, payed our night's lodging with a tip, and rode on. At the next town we bought a can of beef, 3 loaves of bread, and one can of deviled meat. Later we stopped along the seashore and enjoyed our breakfast. Moorea isn't nearly as populated as I had expected it to be. The people we pass along the rode seem quite friendly. We continued to take it easy and stopped one place along the road by the seashore and took an hour's nap; being awakened by a ssssssss of air leaving one of the tires. We all three sat up, looked that way, each hoping it wasn't his. Viri was the one that had to use the patching we just happened to bring along. We journey on arriving back home in the early afternoon just in time to enjoy dinner of soup with the other Elders. There we changed clothes and cleaned up. In the evening a meeting was held with about 25 attending. It lasted about three hours, most of the time taken up in singing.

Monday, April 29, 1940
Once more out for adventure. This time we walked a couple or three miles up a canyon to a good sized waterfall. No sooner arrived there, looked the place over and we stripped off and went swimming. The hole was quite deep and plenty big to have a good time in. The bottom was alive with oura pape  but we didn't mind. There also were plenty of eels there. After cooling off good we returned back down the canyon, stopping at a "cave" on the way down inside were three skeletons whom we played with for awhile. That was about the extent of interesting things of the day except a gathering at night as a farewell to Ioane who will return with us tomorrow. The trip has surely been an enjoyable week-end vacation.

Tuesday, April 30, 1940
And the month ends with a glorious ending. We bid Adieu to "to Moorea ma " this morning & on board the little boat, returned to Papeete. I say a glorious ending because I made the trip over sitting up, without being sick once, riding on a boat that acted like a cork over high waves, getting soaked time and time again by waves that washed over the side. Ioane was the palest of the three but a lime saved him. We arrived here, ate dinner, bathed, and inspected what work there is to be done. I for one feel that trip was very well worthwhile both to break the monotony of office work and to see new country.

Wednesday, May 1, 1940
Back into the old harness again. I arose this morning quite early and began to look around to see what was piled up on me. The thing that needed the most attention was just a general cleanup and fixing the Elders Monthly. Although that started out to be an Office Force project, it seems the Editor de la Mision  is really doing it. I revised a few parts so the Price cartoon would fit and then with President's Page, it completed a three page letter. Also the business of a visa at the Police station had to be attended to. Evening was spent in meeting.

 Surf Riding
One of the attractions at Arue for good swimming. Practically every day one finds waves like this rolling in.
Arue, Tahiti   May, 1940

Thursday, May 2, 1940
5:30 A.M. saw me up and ready to work. I started in the attic and cleaned up room in the book boxes for a few irava parau  books. That took me until breakfast time, carrying up some 70 odd books to put in order. After breakfast I made my three copies of the Elders Mothly and then folded ve'as  (tracts). After Primary Teumere, Fifi, Simone came in to help me. We completed two piles of 2000 each, meanwhile I was teaching Teumere a little English. She surely is a cute kid.

Fifi, Aurora, e Teumere i Arue

Following dinner Teina and I rented a truck and as previously arranged, we took the Primary (and others) out to Arue swimming. Shucks! That's the most fun I've had in months. The girls were all swell sports and we surely had a time in the big waves as they came rolling in to break on shore. Pres. ma  also went out and he declared it to be the best time he has had in months too. We used a coconut for a ball and though it was heavy, it served the purpose. In keep away Teumere split her finger in attempting to catch it so she withdrew for awhile. The rest of us were in about two and a half hours. All declared we should do it oftener and we agreed. Returning to the house we ate two big watermelon that the Primary had b----. There was plenty to go around so all were happy. To finish the day I cleaned up the printing room, wrote out cards of new subscriptions, and am now tired and ready for bed. 9:00 P.M.

Friday, May 3, 1940
After a big evening of work I am well ready to retire. Teumere, Simone and Fifi were in tonight to work. There wasn't really anything to do but inasmuch as they were so willing, I found something. We assembled the pages of The Tree of Life, leaving off the last page which isn't as yet printed. There were eleven piles of 2000 to a pile. Ioane helped Fifi, La Vora helped Simone, and Teumere and I worked together. After we had gotten a good start Yvonne came in with two of her girl friends and they sat down on the floor and helped us. By 9:30 P.M. we had it all put together and returned to the cupboard. Now the big job of stapling is before me as soon as the last sheets are printed. During the day I kept busy and took a ride out to Perry's with tau tamaiti o  Ioane to get an ata niau  for medicine for his foot. Rec. word today that Uela ma  won't be leaving until June.

Saturday, May 4, 1940
From the time we got up until after dinner a light drizzle was falling, just enough to cool things off wonderfully. I really enjoyed working in the house, typeing Sections 84, 85, 86, 87 and of the D. & Cov. Along with that I kept Marcel busy setting up type for the cover of the Mau Api No te Raau Ora  so I could print that in the evening.. which I did. 2,000 of them. I am looking to the future of having the girlfriends in and I want to have plenty on hand to do. After dark Ioane, Teina and I took a little walk to mail a ve'a  and a letter and also to get some fresh air.

Sunday, May 5, 1940
During tuuraa mana'o  in Priesthood Mtg. this morning I gave a summary on the work we witnessed over in Moorea and also gave Ioane the credit that was do him. From then on the Sunday was no different than any other except for the most important event of all which I about forgot-- Rei, Petarona, and Tere came in today before we got up. We were plenty glad to see them again. Of course this made the day much more enjoyable. Rei and I walked down to the pae miti  and sat on a bench talking things over. Tonight Aroarii led the Haapiiraa. I muri a'e i te reira ua parahi matou Teumere, Fifi, e Aurora i te pae i muri roa a himene ai i te himene api, "Te ere ra râ te hoe i te ite" etc. Ua haapii atu vau i te reira ia ratou, mau a ora i. Ia oti ta matou paraparauraa e te himene ra a hoi, ua haere atu ratou, ho'i maira ihora Teumere ma te parau mai ia o mai ai, "Hoe noa iho parau ta'u i ite i teireo Merite." Ani atura vau ia'na, "Eaha ia?" Parau maira oia, "Teie, I love you", horo atura. Aue, Teumere rahi e! Ua au rii oia ia'u.

Monday, May 6, 1940
Soon after breakfast this morning Pres. called a testimony meeting for the Elders. We surely enjoyed a beautiful Spirit there for over three hours as each Elder bore testimony as to the nature of this work. We closed just before dinner. In the afternoon I went with Ray ma  to complete their business at the Gov. office and in town. On the way home from town we met M. Chapman and she asked us in for a few minutes. We stayed for about five minutes. This evening Ioane and I led the first practice on "Esetera". We went through the complete show just getting the cast used to what will take place. Nearly everyone was present but Simone, Maihara, and a couple more. We sucessfully worked Aurora in and a couple more outsiders. Of course there will be talk about us using non members and sinners but after all, what better environment could be given them? After a couple of hours we dismissed and Ioane and I took Annie home. Returning, we watched a table tennis game in progress in the kitchen. I played a couple of games and took Ioane and then Petarona 20-21.

Tuesday, May 7, 1940
Pres. announced last evening the Elders & his family would take the afternoon off to go to Arue. So all morning I worked around here catching up on what work I could. I printed 2000 sheets, made a folding place for covers, and saw Added Upon finished in the translation to reo Tahiti. Also I found some current events news for the June Ve'a. Then following dinner we all went to Arue.. Pres. & family and two Elders in a taxi and the rest of us on bicycles. Of course it was a repetition of Thursday's sport except we didn't have the Primary. We did have Teumere, Fifi and Aurora, however, which made it more interesting. On the way in the three girls Tere, Ioane, Ray and I stopped at the ice cream factory and had two rounds. This evening being work night I really didn't expect anyone to come but right on time there were our three friends of the afternoon. T. and I folded covers on my newly invented folding place and the others folded sheets. I began Ioane on the press tonight just practicing. The rest of the Elders went to the show so it made things easier around. It was a very enjoyable evening but we were all quite tired so most of the time was spent in talking rather than accomplishing very much work.

Wednesday, May 8, 1940
Farane and Elder Peterson came in this morning from Anaa. They were glad to get back after four months of it out there and we were glad to see them again. They sent in word from Anaa that they want me back out their. Shucks. I didn't think I did anything to leave much of an impression on those Catholics. I would just as soon that Pres. doesn't even consider it too much. I like work here all right. Yesterday I was assigned four more sectons of Doc. & Cov. and today I completed Sec. 105 & 106. (This afternoon.) Mokis led the haapiiraa  tonight and we went overtime as usual. I worked until 10:30.

Thursday, May 9, 1940
All morning I devoted to Doc. & Cov. translation and now I have 103, 105, & 106 finished. After dinner Farane, Eledona, Rei and I went to Fautaua to play a little tennis. Rei & I won one set 5-3 and then Eledona and I won 8-6. From there, the three of them went out to Arue and I returned back to the house to continue my work. I translated a few more verses and then typed extra copies to the song for our haapiiraa hohoa. Then came two hours of play practice but the girls were all so tired from having been swimming we really didn't accomplish much. Afterwards Ioane and I took Annie and Elizabeth home and then returned home to go to bed.

Friday, May 10, 1940
Two years ago today since we sailed from America. Can it be possible? I wondered where one more year will see me...?.?.?.?.? Today Teina and I went visiting the 7th Day Adventist leader. We spent an enjoyable two hours with him out at his H.Q. in Tipaerui. He did most of the talking and we proved to be good listeners. When we left he invited us back, saying he had enjoyed our visit very much. Farane left this morning for Moorea.. we saw him off. During dinner we heared some news that made us all sober up... Huri had died in Taega. Garoro had seen Teumere crying and when she asked the reason, Teumere told her that. Someone had met Temanutaia on the street and told her the news. Inasmuch as Vahine Tahiti  had come in just this morning from out that way, we thought it surely must be true. Pres. asked Elder Braegger and me to go investigate and find out the details. (Tere had brought us the report from Nihiru that Huri had had a severe attack of appendicitis during Conf. and was coming in on the Vahine Tahiti .) We went to the wharf and asked the captain of V.T. concerning the matter; he had heared nothing. We then asked the super cargo and the answer was the same. They hadn't stopped at either Taenga or Nihiru on the way in. We then went back to Hiriata's house to get further details on the matter. We began then to try to piece things together and our solution was the rumor was just a big lie, but yet, there was still someting wrong.. we could feel it. We then went to Teumere's home to see if she could help any. She was on the verge of weeping all the time I was talking to her but I told her just how we had it figured out and that there was no definite proof at all on the matter but that the odds were in our favor. On hearing that she brightened up considerably, thanked us very much for coming, and then proceeded to tell all she knew. It did me good to see that she had accepted what I had told her even though I myself did not feel as sure as I acted. From there we went to the wharf and inquired at all the ships that had been out that way if they had heared anything. Still no luck, so good news we felt was coming our way.. no news. Well, I'm still hoping.. I have two girls who are taking any word as the truth. Tonight they and Aurora and Simone came over to assist with the work. Teumere seemed happy enough as usual but I could feel there was a little something behind it. Gee, I hope she soon gets a letter. We all went to the band concert but it wasn't on tonight so Ioane & I returned home and the girls went on home. Ua oti.

Saturday, May 11, 1940
Raining again today so I kept pretty close to the house all morning, thinking how often it rains on Sat. and not other days of the week. During the morning I worked on Doc. & Cov. Sec. 104 and also completed the folding of 2000 book covers Teumere & I started a few days ago. After dinner Ioane, Petarona, Teina and I left in the rain for Arue for a swim. No ta'u faaiteraa'tu ia Teumere ma e tae matou i reira, tei reira ratou Fifi e Aurora. Ua arearea faahou matou i te miti e i te ûa. Just at dusk we returned home and then it really was raining. Ioane and I were soaked when we finally reached the house. After a shower, supper, etc. we began play practice, oia hoi, te mau himene. Just left the house in a drizzle again to take Tapeta home after practice and we met her mother and a fellow. They had come to get her so it saved us the trouble.

Sunday, May 12, 1940
Perhaps now I'll know enough to keep out of the rain. I awoke this morning, after a miserable night, with a little cold and a good sore throat. Maybe it's from singing too much, maybe it's from the salt water, and maybe it's from getting wet, but whatever it was, I still got it. I've felt miserable all day. Even another chop suey and watermelon dinner didn't help much 'though I surely enjoyed it again. A bicyle ride and a walk, a few minutes talk with Irene, four meetings, (in which all I did was attend) and talking with "people" after meeting, and still I feel -- a little "paruparu". Aurora gave an a'oraa  tonight. Very good and encouraging.

Monday, May 13, 1940
Still a little "under the weather" but I've kept fairly busy today. Completed my Doc. & Cov. translations and now but have the retypeing to do. Ioane and I began printing today on the last 2000 tract sheets but due to the weather the rollers had softened up and they gummed up the plate. Marcel had to cast a few more new rollers before we could do anything. Schedual for the ve'a  is the nineteenth and as yet we haven't even started it. Well, --- do I or not get it out on time??? Pres. just gave me another new article that had to go to the Gov. to be passed on so if we have to wait long for that, I know the answer. Play practice again tonight but due to Aroarii and Hauroro it was quite discouraging. I asked Hauroro out and she left. Later in a quiet meeting afterwards I talked quietly to the cast and told my mana'o  and they were surely all agreed. We voted however to reënstate her if she shows willingness to do her part. Ioane was quite put out tonight too so he told them off. I believe better results will follow now. He and I rode home with Annie and Elizabeth and now after having written last weeks's letter to Pres. & writing for today I shall retire.

Tuesday, May 14, 1940
We surely put in a big day of running the press today. All told there were 8000 sheets run through. Ioane run quite a number of them by foot. Ua hape ria raua Marcel e  they printed 1000 that had to be discarded. This evening two of the girls came to see about work but rather hoping there wouldn't be any as they wanted to go to the show. I was glad they wanted to go out because Pres. had called a meeting for the Elders. It turned out to be a very nice social gathering, three testimonies borne by Elders Chugg, Halverson, and E. Peterson, Chugg telling two instances of direct healing by administrations. Ri told about the dance program in Takaroa. We ate ice cream and had a few songs. I have about the worse cold I have yet experienced down here. It was just a few days ago I was remarking to Elder McEntire... I've never gone so long before without a cold or sickness as I have the past years spent here. I surely got it back on me now.

Wednesday, May 15, 1940
I tried to sweat the cold out of me last night by wrapping up in my pajamas, taking two aspirins and keeping covered up. Outside of a deep sleep, no good came of it and I'm as bad off today as ever. Regardless, Ioane and I surely turned out the work today. Got one set of the vea printed, about five hundred of the tracts put together, backed and stapled, and with the help of the four girls, this evening after meeting we completed the assembling. They surely turned out the work. Today for exercise Elder Richards and I pumped out to Arue, got dumped head first into the sand by some big waves and then returned. Were alone. Didn't help my cold much.

Thursday, May 16, 1940
We are surely up to our necks in work lately and each day makes the ve'a  seem further away. The primary girls helped complete the front page folding while Ioane and I worked all morning assembling tracts & stapling. Pres. ma  and the two favorite sons took a ride in a taxi around the island today so we had the complete seclusion of the house to the three of us. (Ri) In the afternoon we went out for an hour or two, and on returning we began setting the stage for the play. Practise went over better tonight than it ever has. The girls really did fine. We have been going (Ioane & I) since five this morning; we took an early morning bike ride to Punaauia. The thermometer read 64° today.

Friday, May 17, 1940
Out again early this morning for a ride around Taunoa way. I've lost so much weight lately I'm beginning to worry a little. The scales read just a little better than 155. After a heavy day of work, printing two sets of ve'a  pages, cutting a thousand books on three sides, stapling, folding, assembling, etc. I finally had to drop out at 8:00 P.M. and go to bed. Only two girls came to work at night so I left them to Ioane, and then slipped away.

Saturday, May 18, 1940
Busy again all morning at the usual things of still trying to get that tract (or pamphlet) out. In the afternoon Farane & I rode to Fautaua to play off our championship battle of tennis. I was leading 3-2 when we doubled up with Marcel & his friend. We trimmed them in two sets quite easily. Once more in the evening we had play practice. There surely is a funny feeling in the group due to that onery Aroarii and her sidekick Hauroro. They came very close to getting kicked out again tonight. Strong faaoromai  on Ioane's and my part saved them. Following our returning Elizabeth home Ioane suggested putting in an hour on the tract and though I had the Priesthood lesson to prepare for in the morning, we pitched into the work. With Ri & Farane's help we got them already to cut. Then by working until 12:30 A.M. we completed them. All told there are 1,958 books. I'm surely glad that is finished and out of the way.

Sunday, May 19, 1940
Hiro's  whistle awakened me this morning just five hours after I had gone to bed. I got up and began reviewing my lesson for this morning. Though I still have the worst cold and hoarseness I have had since I arrived here, I gave the lesson O.K. and felt better for it. Elder Richards offered to take over for me but I felt that I would rather do it. Outside of passing Sac. my work was completed for the day. Ioane gathered the group together this afternoon and tried to teach a few songs. Once again Aroarii acted up by coming in late. Except for spoiling completely the morale of the group I would have kicked her out once and for all. (I still hope to do it.) Ioane and I missed meeting today by walking out to Taunoa to vsit Mere ma. We also saw Viriamu and asked about him playing his upaupa  in our play between acts; he hasn't accepted yet. We returned Annie ma  to Hamuta after meeting, then returned and joined the conference in the kitchen.

Monday, May 20, 1940
Yesterday plans were made in Priesthood Mtg. to set aside today for a beautification program on the Mission home grounds. There was a good turn-out and the place surely looked different than it did before. The flower beds were remodeled, trees removed, weeds cleared away, new flowers planted, and all in all a very good job done. In the afternoon a group of us went to Arue. Farane and I managed to finally get in our set of tennis and from there we went on to Arue. (I had the satisfaction of avenging the two sets he beat me at Xmas time. Today was 6-1, 6-4.) We meet again when he comes back from the Leewards. Play practice once again in the evening with a good turnout, a ride to take Annie ma  home, and then back again for bed.

Tuesday, May 21, 1940
Completed the ve'a  printing today and continued the work around here. In the afternoon Farane ma  got off so we went down to see them off. As usual they didn't leave at the set time so we had to wait. They got off all right however. Tonight the four girls came in and between the five of us we folded the last printed page and assembled the complete ve'a. They left soon after 9:30 and then Ioane and I continued to work until we had the complete 1300 & fifty stapled and some of them even folded.

Wednesday, May 22, 1940
All morning Ioane and I worked on the folding, stamping, and addressing of the ve'a  and the result is it is in the mail sack. Now we can't mail it until the final consent comes from the Gov. If anything should be wrong... wow! This took us until about 3:30 so we decided to go get some exercise at Arue. (I need it... another boil coming on my arm.) We surely spent an enjoyable five hours there no te mea tei reira ta maua na hoai to otoru. Ua fatata roa i te po matou i ho'i mai ai. Coming in ua ofatihia te fifi no to  Fifi bycicle so Ioane rode it in, e ua rave Fifi i to'na. I pulled him all the way in and what a pull it was. We made it just as meeting started. I already had on white clothes so I went on in but Ioane had to change so he didn't make it. Now that all the work is caught up around here, we can find more time to get out and visit I hope.

Thursday, May 23, 1940
The very first home we called at today gave us a renewal of the ve'a  and it was that way five out of six places we visited. We found it a big help to get out and break into the monotony of staying around here all day. Inasmuch as our visits took us mostly to the business district we didn't have much of an opportunity to get into the homes. More days to follow for that. Play practice once again this evening. Same old thing.. not a whole lot of cooperation from certan girls. The usual ride out to Hamuta and back for bedtime.

Friday, May 24, 1940
Anniversary day again! Two short years gone by since my arrival in this country. I'm really enjoying it more and more as the days go by. Today Ioane and I went visiting and managed to secure three three-year renual subs. out of four tries. Also we visited Taura to cheer her up inasmuch as she is expecting her first next month and she is quite worried about it due to the doctor. This afternoon I began printing the first pages of Added Upon. Surely am glad to see that being worked on. Play practice again tonight. We went through it completely twice tonight. Aurora became angry at Maori for a correction he made that she wasn't to blame for so once again things are disrupted. Whether or not she will come back remains to be seen. Tauapiti didn't come, Tatoa likewise & Mapu. No kidding, I'm getting a big headache out of this directing business. Surely glad I have Ioane to share it with.

Saturday, May 25, 1940
Ioane and I went out this morning to stir up a few of the cast who have been slacking lately. In our journey we made it to Tauapiti's home in Mamao. While there we visited the family next door and found a good prospective family. The father is a Mormon, the mother a Protestant, and the children are neither. We have a return engagement for Tues. all arranged for. Afternoon was spent in the usual manner even if it did rain again. There we met Ray and Tere. From there back to play practice for a few more hours. Terua left the cast today because of being angry at Aroarii. Such is life. No Perry girls so we didn't ride out after.

Sunday, May 26, 1940
Sunday once again and it was very interesting. Priesthood Mtg. was good with Tauapiti leading. S.S. was good and no ta Teumere taparuraa ia Ourora ua tae mai oia. I muri a'e i ta matou tamaaraa i te avatea ua haere maua o Ioane i ô-Teumere ma no te paraparauraa ia Aurora ia faaho'i ia'na i roto i te haapiiraa hohoa. Ua tamata maua i te "parau api"  (gag), e aita e manuiaraa, i muri iho ua tamata maua i te taparu ma te taparu ma te monamona. Ua faufaa rii to reira. I te hopea ua faufaahia ta maua tere e ua faaita mai ona e, e ho'i mai oia. Ite hora ua haamata maua i te haapiiraa himene. Ua tae Teruo, area râ, na mua Temanutaia i te taeraa mai e ua ani au ia'na ia rave i ta Vaseti tufaa, farii ihora oia. Ua haama roa Terua i to'na taeraa, hoii atua oia. Aita râ e peapea.  After practice Ioane and I changed clothes, got out our bikes and went over the hill to Haapape to spend the evening and night with Ray ma. We enjoyed the ride and the visit very much. Made partial arrangements to bring our play there next week-end. Tei te huru o te mana'o. 

Monday, May 27, 1940
The first news I received today following our return from Haapape came all unexpectedly and full force at me today. I walked into Pres.'s office to say "hello" and to tell him we were back. After usual greetings he asked me to sit down so I wouldn't fall over backwards. Then he proceeded to inform me that either Ray or I would be taking the same boat as he and three other Elders are taking in June sometime. For the condition the Mission is in, necessity calling for quick withdrawl of a few Elders before any more new ones can come in, we must take every reservation possible. (Elder Mc., Benson, and I are the last to leave before new ones come.) Pres has it arranged so one more can go with him. He asked if I wanted to go and I couldn't hold myself back from saying no! However, I feel within myself that I am to be the one to go. Inasmuch as Etera is out in the Tuamotus, he couldn't get in, Ray has been out in the districts and couldn't be ready for quite sometime, I've been here in the office, nothing scattered and can leave if necessity says so though it would surely make me feel tough to do so. But, tei te Perediseni e te Atua.  If I go, I go, if not I'll be much happier. Today Ioane and I caught up on our work around here. The play on our hands is the biggest responsibility now and we are surely trying to put it over. Another practice this evening.

Tuesday, May 28, 1940
All day today Ioane and I worked, preparing the stage, properties, tifaifais, etc. for dress rehearsal tonight. We spent four fifths of our time in the Church-house. About dinner time I built a snare and coaxed the big red rooster into it. Hauroro grabbed his throat to keep the skwawks down and I plucked out enough feathers to make two pretty fans. They are quite nice, thanks to the rooster. We went through the play once and afterwards Teina and I prepared bananas & cream with strawberry jam and cookies for 20. They surely liked the unexpected treat. I really do enjoy this work though I wouldn't give a nickel to do it again. And I realize how much I like all of them, feeling how I do about how soon I'll be leaving. Tonight Ray & Tere returned. Ray & I talked with Pres. and though he wouldn't make a decision, I feel that things are against me. Ioane has learned how to run the press lately and is good at proof reading so he is capable of turning out the work of the Mission. It is surely a dull feeling to think I have to leave, but I'll get over it I guess. Pres. said my past two years have been well over average for Missionary labor... if that means anything......

Aurora â Teraitua

Wednesday, May 29, 1940
I arose early this morning, showered, printed until breakfast time along with setting up a little type. After breakfast, I, being restless, took a ride over to D'Alsace to collect some ve'a  money and then back here to get Ioane to go visiting with me. We went out to Daniela's, obtained our diving glasses, had a talk with a few of the kids, and then returned to town. A good chance for two or three baptisms there. We sold a vea to the woman at the Rotary for our ve'a  for today. In the afternoon I printed, proof read, assisted Lavora on lights for the paly and then this eveining attended meeting. Aurora gave me a picture tonight. Ray & I rode home with Tapeta ma.  She got picked up for not having a light. Some fun.

Thursday, May 30, 1940
While I was setting type this morning Marcel came in and informed me that the Limerick  was in. Well, the last time I'll get to meet a mail boat from America. Gee, it's a funny feeling but I am getting myself oriented now so I am ready to take what comes. We had to wait until about four before mail was obtained. I received letters from Mother & Dad (4) and one from Verba. Still good to receive word that everyone is well and happy. They are all expecting me home soon but they don't know just how very soon it will be. I may not even write another letter. Oh.. it's still hard to believe. I don't want to go and that's a fact. Tonight I was very pleased with the practice. The cast is swell, the stage, lights and all are the best I ever saw down here. We surely hope it will be successful. A visit to Daniela's again today and I think now we will be priveleged to bring in at least three of his kids. That will be a swell way to end my labors here. Another visit took us out to Stimpson's home for a few ideas on our color spot light film for tomorrow night. He gave us some "fixer" to wash a piece of film with and also some colors to paint on it. It worked swell tonight. I gave Aurora a picture this evening.



Friday, May 31, 1940
And the month of May ends with a great performance! The kids really did themselves proud tonight and Ioane and I were both very pleased. We started off with Tauapiti taking charge and as Master of Ceremonies. The congregation sang first song, then prayer, then our quartet sang "Ua Oti Ta'na Ohipa ", followed by the beginning of the story of Esther. Then just before curtain all the Missionaries sang "The Bulldog on the Bank" only with Tahitian words to fit the play. It went over good. Each did his part swell and when it was all over, Ruru Spitz asked to give a mana'o  and he surely complimented the cast on the fine entertainment. A "flash" picture was taken of the cast afterwards, Fred Stimpson supervising. From there we all came in the front room of the home and had a little further entertainment. Ice cream was served as a token of our appreciation by Ioane and me. Each had all he could take and there was more left over. Even the dishes were done up afterwards by Teipo & FIfi. Shucks, but it was a swell evening. During the day we were busy preparing for the evening. With three of the girls & Terii we went up on the mountains and picked ferns for decoration. Everything looked swell. It has been requested that it be put on again. We may do it but it's not certain.

Saturday, June 1, 1940
One big day of fun today in behalf of Pres. ma's revaraa  (me included.) We all went to Arue this morning and stayed until four o'clock, playing volley ball, water polo, swimming, riding waves, and other types of sport that one doesn't get every day. Between acts we ate watermelon and ice cream. Everyone had a swell time, no one hurt except Simone who turned her wrist slightly, and the day really went over big. At four Ioane and and I returned to the house to tear down the stage. Boy, we were pleased to see it all done. Elder Chapman had come through and when we got back they were just sweeping out. Phew! What a big help that was. This evening Teumere ma  came over to assist us in cleaning up and inasmuch as it was all done we sat inside the Churchhouse and talked until almost 9:00 P.M. Pres. told me today I would be leaving and that I could let it out now... so, I had plenty to talk about i atu hoa here.

Elder Ralph J. Richards, "Ioane".

Sunday, June 2, 1940
Sunday over and the only difference was we went out for dinner today. Roti swallowed too much salt water yesterday and it made her sick. We all went down to a clean restaurant, ate beef steak, uru, pork, spiced meat, stew, fried potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. then ended up at the ice cream factory where we ate five cones apiece. This evening after meeting T. and I talked until Teina ma  finished their talk with Mere ma. She's surely a sweet kid and there is no one I would rather be around more. It's a good thing I'm here as a missionary and not as just a visitor or I might fall for somebody. But, no chance, I just enjoy her company.

Monday, June 3, 1940
Today I earnestly began packing, something I've not looked forward to. I put all souvenirs into my camphor wood chest, got down my two suit cases and trunk, unpacked them, sent two suits to the laundry to be dry cleaned, and just sort of got a good start on packing. Today ua tae mai T. i te fare nei nei no te niraraa i te pitopito i nia iho i to'u pereue. Ua maere au no te mea ua hauti rii vau ia'na i nanahi e ua faaite mai ona e, e tae mai ona no te tamau i te pitopito. Aita vau i farii i ta'na parau area râ, ua tae iho â mai ona i tei'e nei mahana. Ua aroha.  Tonight Ioane and I worked in the printing room setting type. We surely like to work together it seems. We've never been assigned but we go out together visiting, work, play, etc. I think a lot of him.

 pearl ring

Tuesday, June 4, 1940
Today I began spending cash in preparation to my going home. First thing needed was a crate to put my camphor box in and I obtained that after an hour's hunting. Next I went to the Gov. building to pay my 150 F road tax, then to Spitz's to order a ring made up of three of my best pearls. Two hula skirts were also ordered along with two pair of sandals, a pair of trunks. This preparation isn't very pleasant. This evening for a past-time I set up a complete page of type without spilling it. Heared the news that they want "Esetera" put on at the theater.

Wednesday, June 5, 1940
Still more unsettled packing done today. I just don't know what to put where. Today I put my pearl shell in Island box and most of my books and letters, etc. in big trunk. The big suitcase holds all the other books, etc. and my little suit case will have to do for immediate needs while on ship. This evening was meeting again with Ioane leading a good haapiiraa. I muri iho ua tae mai te na tamahine e toru i roto i te fare nei, horoa ihora vau i to'u hohoa ia Teumere. Ua mataitai matou i ta'u buka hohoa. Hora iva a'era ua tono atu vau ia ratou ma te arohara'a tu ia ratou.

Thursday, June 6, 1940
The best news I've heared in a long, long time came this morning. Pres. surprised us all at the breakfast table by saying, "The report is around that the Wyotapu is in America." Later reports all seemed to confirm it so boy! am I happy. He told me eiaha e ru i te   packing.... it may be a full month before we get away. Now, believe it or not, we are signed to leave on the Monterey  going to Honolulu in August! Well, that's too good to hope for so I'll just be content that I get to stay this much longer. I feel sorry for Pres. ma  but I guess they can take it. Gee, I'm glad! Went out today to visit Daniela utuafare  and learned the devil in form of a Catholic grandfather is working strongly against our baptizing any of the family. We're still trying however. Ioane and I went to Arue, had a good time and stayed all night with Ray and Tere in Pirae. I surely do enjoy an evening with them now and then. They cooked a swell supper for us.

Friday, June 7, 1940
Returned early this morning from Pirae and began turning out the ve'a  now that I have my old position back. Wrote an editorial on men forsaking their God. Printed more on Added Upon , caught up with my reports, books. Stayed home in the evening and continued work around.

Saturday, June 8, 1940
All morning spent again printing, proof reading, and chasing to town. The Chink finished my sandals today but I was so disgusted I took them back and obtained a refund. Surely a lousy job. Ioane and I took our regular Sat. afternoon plunge in Arue all by ourselves for once. Viri & Teina played basketball awhile but they didn't go on to Arue. Returned home quite early and enjoyed the evening at home.

Sunday, June 9, 1940
A usual Sunday again with usual happenings. Four meetings and Ioane, Lavora and I went out to Danielas and were just in time for dinner again so we didn't stay long. From there we went out to Ray and Tere's home in Pirae and visited with them for a few minutes. Returned in time for Feia Api.

Monday, June 10, 1940
Elder Richards and I went out Tupaerui way this morning visiting and looking for veas. Back in time for dinner and more work around here.. Marcel has flatly refused to take part in the play next Friday so we are going to put Tavapiti in his place. We went around in the afternoon visiting the members of the cast, calling a practice tonight. While we were way out Mamao way we received word, "Fare tutu, ua paapaa." We didn't get what he was driving at so we kept on going. At Teipo's home we heared again that news was around that our Church-house was burned down. We began getting curious so we headed up this way to see. The lot was full of people and the fire pump going full blast. We rode on through the crowd to the back of the house to see what was up. The cook house was being well soaked, the tins torn off the roof, and people all around. Pres. Immediately began telling us what it was all about. Sister Stevens had lighted the stove preparing to make some baking powder biscuits. She had shut the door and returned upstairs to care for the baby. In a very few minutes she was back and just opened the kitchen door when a large rolling mass of flames and smoke rolled out. She called two of the Elders who were close by and things began to pop. The can of kerosene had ignited and the inside of the house was a furnace. By the time the fire engine arrived, the Elders and Marcel had it pretty well under control. Not much damage done except we will need a new cook house. The walls, floor, ceiling, cupboard are all burned. It surely would have been a major catastrophe had it reached the house. The stove was badly damaged so Ioane and I got a truck and went out to Ray ma's  to get the stove they have had out there. Even the Chink cheuffer gave us such a ride we wondered if we'd ever get back. One cop had to get off his bicycle and get off the left hand side of the road. It was dark so we didn't get picked up. Quite a day after all. Play practice at night.

Tuesday, June 11, 1940
As lots go, it was my turn to get breakfast this morning... an no cook shack, bowls, etc. However each of the Elders donated his own bowl to the cause so I cooked the Cream of Wheat and warmed over some of yesterdays soup. That and bananas and cream were to have constituted our meal. Inasmuch as Elder Miller is a faster eater than the rest of us he completed his bowl of mush first. Then he told us to look closely at the specks in the cereal. I said, "Yes, I know it has specks in but that is from the scorched salt I used." He said look again so we all did. Sure enough there were plenty of little worms all over it. I poured some of the uncooked cereal into my hand and it began walking away. Well, the other Elders said we can take it inasmuch as we have all lived in the Tuamotus so they continued to indulge. Ioane and I took a few more bites then we threw it out. The soup was fine.

I spent most of the day at the house here scraping paint off the screen food container and table and making a general clean up around here. Inspector (Miss C.) of the Insurance agency came up and it appears we shall rate a new cookhouse. Ioane and I visited Marcel and he consented to be in the play Friday evening. We had a good practice though the kids surely played and had a good time. Temahuta is the problem now. He seems unable to memorize his parts. He wanted to give it up last night even though he does want it. We would let him because it's bound to do him a little good. Took a bike ride afterwards to Hamuta.

Wednesday, June 12, 1940
I arose once again before daylight, cleaned up and took a short ride, alone, around the block in the cool morning breeze. We slept with a blanket over us again last evening as the thermometer dropped to 60° again and we surely felt it. After breakfast Ioane and I went to see the doctor to have him look at Ioane's leg. The Doc. declared it to be ulcers he has. He treated them all and told Ioane to come back for a blood test in the morning. From there we went checking on veas until dinner time. I had a little discussion with Marcel about his hours today and he didn't come to work this afternoon because he had more to do at the house. I set up type for awhile to help out a little in his absence. From here three of us, Teina and my side-kick went out to Ray and Tere's for supper and returned just in time for meeting, after a shave. Ready for bed almost now.

Thursday, June 13, "40".
The Hauraiki came in this morning and it surely made the two Elders happy who are leaving. I finished writing the one letter I started awhile back to the folks; that is all I am sending. At nine Ioane and I went visiting the doctor again. He took a blood test and doctored the sores again. In the forenoon I worked setting up the Priesthood lesson in the ve'a. Marcel didn't show up today and time for the vea is geting mighty close.

In the afternoon Nile and I went for a visit to Ani's and from there to see the launching of the Charley Brown's new ship. It was a good ceremony and things went off fine until the girl tried to break the bottle of champagne. They finally hit the bottle with an iron rod. Then the ship started sliding down the run-way and just before hitting water it grounded; the hole hadn't been cut deep enough under the run-way. Paulo soon got out his Vahine Tahiti  and gave a big run thinking to drag it in but the result was a broken rope, a good laugh and cheer by the crowd but the ship didn't move. We got tired of watching so we left.

Play practice this evening was full of life. After returning from Hamuta Ioane and I worked in the press room until 11:00 P.M.

Friday, June 14, 1940
The news that Germany is in Paris didn't even phase me this morning. I just can't realize that a war is being fought. We are so peaceful down here, never listening to a radio, just letting current events take care of themselves that we really don't know if war exists. Elders Chapman and Hunting actually got off today. An interesting meeting was held in the morning for two hours in which each bore his testimony. I made the statement, "I know and feel within myself this is the true church of Jesus Christ"; and will continue to testify to the same. This Mission has really given me a testimony of the Truth.

All afternoon Ioane and I fixed the stage. The girls were over to help and they went on the mountain for the ferns. The stage really looked nicer tonight than it did last time. The play went over swell, Pres. saying he thought it to be even better than before. Of course there were a few mistakes but all in all it was good. Everyone cooperated very nicely.

Saturday, June 15, 1940
All morning Ioane and I worked tearing down the stage and doing our work around here. In the afternoon I took things easy, read, and just cooled off. In the evening I went out to Pirae with Ray inasmuch as Tere came in this morning to have an ingrown toe nail operated on. Stayed there all night.

Sunday, June 16, 1940
Inasmuch as Pres. has often made the remark there are too many Elders around this branch on Sunday, we didn't come in today until meetings were over. At five P.M. we came in for Feia Api. During the day I read from the Bible and another legend book. After meeting Pres. assigned me to go out for a week with Ray. I'm surely glad to break away from here for awhile. Ray and I get along swell together. We surely put on a good soup dinner today. Vegetables from the farm.

Monday, June 17, 1940
Early this morning Ray and I arose and went into Papeete to market. It is abut a mile and a half and the early morning ride in the cool air surely felt good. From market we went to the Mission home and I turned all my work there over to Ioane and explained a few things to him inasmuch as the vea is all ready to go on the press. Returned then to Pirae and spent the day as we saw fit. About 5:00 Viri and Nile came out and we all went swimming. After a good swim we came into the house, fried hamburgers, potatoes, made gravy, and really had a meal. In the evening we took turns reading from the "Tuamotuan Legends".

Tuesday, June 18, 1940
Once again Ray and I were up at daylight and went in to market. Bought oranges, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, and an auhopu. Returned to the house and ate breakfast and then sent Viri ma  on their way. Went out visiting this morning and met a Mr. Walker. We surely enjoyed the two hours we spent with him in Hamuta canyon. Manureva  coasted in today so we went to see Nina ma ; they returned from Tubuai. From there we went to get our bicycles greased and then returned home at dark.

Wednesday, June 19, 1940
We didn't go to market this morning until after breakfast and then from there we rode over the hill to Haapape to visit some friends there. I had a slow leak in my tire coming back so I really burned up the road. At the house I repaired the tire with patching but no glue and it really held. Stayed in in the evening and talked with Ray about to'u na hoa here B e D. i Amerite.

Thursday, June 20, 1940
Another ride to town early this morning. I decided I had better buy a new tire for my bike. After trying all over town I gave it up. No German products are being sold anymore down here. I did obtain some glue however and repatched a few weak spots on the inside of the tire. This evening Ray and I rode up to Mr. Walker's for a visit. He was all dressed up, expecting us. We arrived at 7:00 and before I realized it it was 10:00. He is surely a real fellow to talk to. We returned home and retired late.

Friday, June 21, 1940
Before we were up this morning Pres. and Sister Stevens were out to see us. Pres. sat on the side of our bed and told us all the news about how badly France is getting beaten and also gave me the S.O.S. call to return to Papeete and take over again. Elder Richards' ulcers were worse, a case of dyorrehaea had hit him and all in all he needed assistance. So following breakfast I repacked my briefcase and we went back. I got right back into the work, printed the last four pages, and with Teina's and Horate's help we got it folded, assembled, stapled before supper. Surely a good day's work done. After supper Teumere came for my assistance on her haapiiraa  for Sunday. She and I worked on that while Teina, Horate, Fifi, and Aurora folded and stamped the vea. They beat us through (as may be expected) but we did get a good start on the haapiiraa.

Saturday, June 22, 1940
All morning the three of us worked addressing the 1200 veas and completed it. Pres. was quite pleased that it was finished and ready for the post office. This evening Teumere returned and together we finished 12 questions and got a pretty good idea about the haapiiraa. At nine she and Fifi left and I went upstairs. Pres. called a special fast beginning this afternoon until tomorrow late afternoon in behalf of Elder Richards. He feels all right physically but the sores he has have been with him for five months now. It has President a little worried. He said he may take him home if they don't heal soon.

Sunday, June 23, 1940
This surely has been an interesting day. We held our Priesthood Mtg. aside from the regular Branch work. Pres. took charge, Horate gave the lesson. I was assigned by Ani to give a talk in Sac. Mtg. so I began choosing a subject. I gave the lesson in our Elders Sunday School class on Jacob & Esau. In Sac. mtg. I spoke on "Why I am Satisfied with Mormonism", or "Te tumu no to'u mauruuru i to tatou Ekalesia ". The three speakers before me used ten minutes and left me thirty-five. The best I could use without it seeming I was just trying to take up time was twenty so I sat down. Pres. used ten and then meeting was closed. I surely felt at ease at the pulpit for a change. I don't mind talking much anymore but I hate to do it in English. After meeting we all gathered together for the purpose of administering to Elder Richards. Elder Wilde put us in Spirit with the opening prayer, then I annointed him, Elder Haslem sealed the anointing and Pres. offered a further prayer of faith after the sealing. I surely felt a thrill while this work was done. I really enjoy taking part in such work. We later rode out to Ray ma's  in Wah Sang's truck and visited with them for awhile. Pres. came out a little later. We soon returned to the house and a little later broke our fast, closing with prayer.


 Love Letter


Teumere faahou   Fifi â Huri .. Teina â Teu.

This evening Teumere gave me two pictures and a "love" letter. Fifi also gave me a picture. T. put her haapiiraa  over in good style though she needs a little assistance once in awhile. Ate ice cream while listening to the news tonight in Pres. quarters. Na Horate i hoo mai i te reira.

Monday, June 24, 1940
Yesterday Pres. told me to prepare to go to Tahaa with Horate and later on he changed his mind again. Now the latest that I know is that I will go alone there next week, meet Farane, him, & Ri in Huahine, then the three of us will go on to Tahaa to work awhile. Pres. ma  left today for the district of Pirae for a couple of weeks. Ray & Tere came in and will be leaving soon for a trip around Tahiti nei. The three of us of the Office Farce began work on the Elders monthly and got it all written up. I completed the printing of the tract and it is now ready to be folded. Still my work at Spitz's isn't finished; I made him set a definite time on it today. Next Saturday.... so he says. We all stayed home at night and sang songs.

Tuesday, June 25, 1940
Ioane and I were up about 5:00 A.M. this morning and off to market. Last night after prayer I was voted in as chief for choosing our bill 'o fare during the days Pres. ma  are gone. We bought utas , potatoes, carrots, radishes, mape , oranges, butter, string beans, and lettuce. Roti cooked for us today as it rained this morning and she didn't want to go out to Pirae. Tonight we have been listening to the radio. Pres. suggested that we go in and hear the news and we surely made use of the suggestion and really enjoyed listening to a little of what is going on in the outside world. Horate left today on board Hiro  for Huahine. I wanted to go too inasmuch as T. came down to see me off as she hadn't heared my plans had been changed. Shucks.

Wednesday, June 26, 1940
This commissary business usually accounts for the first hour each morning for me. It feels pretty good to get up early each morning. This morning we bought vegetables and hamburger. During the morning while I was working at my desk I heared a big rumpus out in the kitchen. I went out and Tefanake was beating up on Hauroro because her work wasn't finished. H. is working for us and not T. so I really told her off. I always feel sorry for it afterwards but sometimes it does some good. If we weren't satisfied with H. work we could easily tell her so. T. has no business interfering. We just finished dinner and Viri and Nile rode in. It seems that we can never be alone around here. In the evening we went to haapiiraa  led by Iosepha Beneteau which was quite lousy and afterwards we listened to the radio until bed-time.


Thursday, June 27, 1940
Market and then work in office for awhile. Pres. came in today long enough to send a telegram asking the Church to get us reservations on the Monterey  for August. Hope it works because if he doesn't get them I'll have to go home on the Cape Horn  in July.. wow! next month... I really expected to have left here by now a month ago but thanks to ships being slow I haven't yet. The longer the better. Roti was back again today cooking for us. She's surely a peach. Teumere came around with her hair cut short. Gee, I could have "shot" her but she really looks swell with it short... but I liked the Tuamotuan touch to her beauty too well. Teina and I painted the kitchen floor and the big front porch floor upstairs this afternoon. One more coat will finish that job. It felt good to do a little manual labor for a change. Tonight we spent an hour at the radio... mostly listening to Wendel Wilky (?) get nominated as Republican Presidential nominee.

Friday, June 28, 1940
After market and breakfast this morning Teina & I began giving the kitchen a second coat and the upstairs its going over. It took most of the morning to do that along with a little work we put in on beautifying the grounds a little. In the afternoon I didn't do much but proof read and ride to Pirae after bread. Pres. came in again today; he just isn't satisfied to stay away. We are surely enjoying peace and quiet of just the three of us. Have been listening to the radio again this evening.

Saturday, June 29, 1940
Once more to market and then after breakfast Teina and I once more went over the kitchen floor giving it a third and last coat. The rest of the morning was just doing odds and ends and then after dinner I began fixing the fender on T. bike. In the process I turned the head off a bolt and had quite a job getting it out. After a couple of hours I got it back together. Then we went out to Pres. on invitation from him and went swimming. They served us ice cream and pumpkin pie afterwards. About five we came in and I stopped at Spitz's and got my two rings. They are quite nice. From there back to the house for a call to administer to a woman before calling it a day. Teuaura vahine from Moorea was a little sick. Later we returned to the house and listened to the radio for a couple more hours and then retired.


Sunday, June 30, 1940
One more year half gone. Today has been quite interesting. Pres. ma  came in first thing this morning for Church, but they wouldn't stay for dinner. I cooked macaroni for our warm part and along with that we had a fruit cocktail and a gallon of ice cream for three of us. Of course we didn't eat it all so when company came, consisting of Teumere, Simone, and Fifi we finished it. They have been in all afternoon; Fifi gave me two nice pictures of herself and I retaliated with one of me. I didn't have any work today except opening prayer in Sac. mtg. and the passing of the Sac. Teina gave a good talk on Eiaha e faaino. Feia Api  meeting at night and the day is over.

Raiatea, "Leewards"

Monday, July 1, 1940
The reason for the change of ink is.. at the present time four of us are sitting in a little bungalow hanging out over the lagoon at Uturoa, Raiatea. Now starting back to last Monday: I didn't do very much this day I guess because I can't remember except packing my suitcase and getting my ticket on Hiro, signing out at the P. Station, repacking and listing my camphor wood chest, helping Ioane, F. & T. fold printed matter, and at night we visited Teuravahine and then listened to the radio.

Tuesday, July 2, 1940
Yesterday (July 2), I used up the morning in typeing songs, talking with Pres. and acting as Mission Sec. in turning out the Monthly finance sheet. I also fried the hamburger and onions (which proved to be my downfall) for our dinner. Pres. gave me a little more encouragement concerning going home on the Monterey.. I'm still hoping. At five I went down to the ship to go aboard. A few friends such as Teumere, Fifi, Yvonne, Simone, Teina, and Ioane all stood in the rainstorm under two umbrellas waiting for the ship to pull out. I surely appreciate it. We were there about a half hour before we pulled away.... She waved until we were quite a ways out. Then I went into my bunk and lay down. We hadn't been on open ocean more than ten minutes before things started. I thought I was doing swell but two hours out I lost my hamburgers & onions; they don't mix with the ocean. I guess I slept most of the night.

 To the Leewards
An unexpected trip back to the Leewards brought back memorys

Wednesday, July 3, 1940
At daylight I heared Hiro  open both motors again so I knew we were close to Huahine. Soon after we pulled through the pass so I got up and began dressing.. coat & shoes and neck-tie. Farane was at the wharf to meet me so from there we went to his house, had breakfast. I met Tahiri, Fanau, Nini, and a few more of my old friends. We were only in Huahine a short while and from there we came to Uturoa. A big crowd was here to meet the ship but most of them were strangers to us. We obtained this home from the hotel lady for 180 fr. for three weeks. It has three bedrooms, a shower room & toilet, and a dining room. The back porch is a swell place out over the water. I'm afraid our three weeks here and in Tahaa will go by too speedily then I have to go back and then on home. Well, I'm ready for whatsoever comes along. We are leaving Friday for Tahaa providing the weather permits. Coming from Huahine to Raiatea all three of the Elders were sick but my bunk saved me. Farane broke his record; Hiro  claims one more victim. To B. Manana fanauraahia.

Thursday, July 4, 1940
The 4th but no fireworks. It is still damp and raining. We were confined to the house most of the day. I wrote a letter to Teina ma  as did Horate. Later on in the day we took a walk to visit with some people that do wood carving etc. I got a pair of "to" book-ends. This town is just like Papeete and surely is hard to get acquainted with. The people see too many white men and they just think we are the same.

Friday, July 5, 1940
Still it rains. Horate and Ri were going on a boat to Fetuna today and work back to here while Farane and I covered both sections of this island (City). But from early morning until evening it rained and there is no use ging out into such weather. We have a comfortable little home here and it gives us a good chance to read. Each dinner time we eat in the hotel and supper & breakfast we eat here. Surely handy.

Saturday, July 6, 1940
The morning was nice and clear so we thought the weather had finally broken but not long after sun-up it was cloudy and raining as hard as ever. We exercised around the house doing all we could to keep limber. In the afternoon we drew to see who would take care of the haapiiraas  tomorrow. I drew the blank so I will take charge; the other three each have one to give. In the later afternoon we went to sleep for a couple of hours and then in the evening after our lessons were prepared we went to the theatre. 7 shorts: Voice of Experience, Sports review, Amateur Hour, "Hollywood", two cartoons and the Three Stooges were played, a preview of next weeks show, and then the main feature. Not a bad evening's entertainment. After, we returned home, went to bed and Farane & I lay and talked until a few hours before daylight.

Sunday, July 7, 1940
We started out the new week by holding four meetings, here in our house. We four were all that attended but it was really worthwhile. In the morning Horate gave the lesson, I took charge, closed with prayer. The other three started the songs. In Haapiiraa Sabati  I again took charge, led the Irava tamauaau  and started a song. Na Horate raua o Ri te na a'oraa e na a'oraa i na Farane te Haapiiraa. I te APureraa oro'a ua a'o matou atoa e na maua o Ri i Haamaitai i te oro'a. Ite Feia Api na Horate i faatere, na maua Farane te na a'oraa e na Ri te haapiiraa. Na maua o Farane te pupu kitara. Ua ravehia teie mau ohipa atoa i te reo Tahiti e ua faufaa-roa-hia matou. It rained all day from "sun-up" until sun down. We fasted from morning until dinner time in the afternoon, preparing our own lunch of cold corned beef, onions, bread & milk. In Priesthood meeting it was moved we hold a class for gospel and a class for language each morning we are together and as long as this bad weather holds up. We are getting feii e teie faara-noa-raa. Te hinaaro nei matou i te rave i te ohipa faahou.

Monday, July 8, 1940
After breakfast we went out on the back porch and had our two classes. I started off with a lesson on the tuatapaparaa o te Ekalesia  and then Farane followed with a lesson on grammar. After dinner F. and I went walking to the west and Horate ma  went to the east. We visited Ioane's father, the fellow who once was a orometua Mahana Hitu, and Monsieur Amiot. Mr invited us back saying we were always welcome in his home. From there we walked about two or three miles around the point. Returned home in time to buy things for supper and prepare it before the other two came in. After supper we sat and talked, read, traded rub-downs and retired. I showered three times today. Have averaged at least two a day since arriving here.

Tuesday, July 9, 1940
The morning once again in class work, breakfast, study and exercise. After dinner Farane and I walked way out to Shusoi's and renewed his vea. It was out almost to Faaroa bay, about six miles out. We got home a little after dark kind of tired. A good supper, rub-down, and then we read for awhile and retired.

Sunday, July 14, 1940
Back home once again in Uturoa, after a very enjoyable trip to Tahaa for a few days. Last Wednesday.

July 10. This afternoon we left Uturoa for Patio on board the 2:00 poti, having not received any letter from H.Q. instructing us to do differently. We arrived at the Gov.'s home at Patio about dark and he readily took us in. Once settled we walked to the Chink stores to try to get a little supper but due to a very cold reception and no signs on their part to prepare us anything, we bought a little food and returned to the house to eat it. The G. furnished us with hot water and bread. We sat and talked to him until bed-time and then retired.

Thurs. July 11, Farane and I started out early in the morning for the east side and Horate and Ri started out toward the west. We traveled slowly, stopping at about every house seeking conversations. We hadn't traveled very far and we were well received into a home. About eight people gathered around and we had a very good discussion from war to the Bible and back again for better than four hours. Then we were invited to stay for dinner so we accepted. Dinner came about five o'clock and consisted of poi, maniota, boiled fish and miti haari  eaten with our fingers, practically. We were hungry enough to really enjoy it. The sounds the natives made eating to the side of us made it all the better. Meanwhile Ioane had come looking for us, having heared we were around, and he insisted we go to his home to sleep. So we left the table, said goodbye, after getting asked and made to promise we would return next Tuesday, and went on a little ways to Pahure. No sooner arrived there and the table was set again and we drank "ti Momoni", ate bread, and sardines. After another few hours talk we all went to bed.

Friday, July 12, we left Ioane's early in the morning and struck on down the road, leaving our suitcase of clothes, books, etc. behind. We visited all along the way but found it difficult; the women were at the house but the men were at work, no one wanted the vea and seemed uninclined to talk to us. We stopped at one desolate place and took a sun bath up on the hill. Evening found us at Taero's home, and inasmuch as he had just returned from Uturoa, he was living up to his name. However, they offered us supper and a nice place to sleep and we made the best of it. He was too taerohia  to talk long.

Sat. July 13, We were up again early, paid Taero for his kindness, inasmuch as this is a tau fifi roa no ratou, and on our way. Early in the day Louis Amiot offered us a place to spend the evening but we weren't ready to call it a day. Then after we reached Faaaha an idea struck us to return to Uturoa for the Sabbath... we did, on board a sail vaa  and for the price of 25 f. (He threw in a watermelon for good measure.) And the result was we ended back over here, happy, hungry, satisfied, and ready for a quiet Sabbath day. Meal time over, not much to do. A good show in town... So we went. The picture was "The Texas Rangers". I saw it in Wyoming but I enjoyed it again. Home again and to bed.

 Feefee  More Feefee
Ma'i feefee & Farane More of the same

Sun. July 14. I haven't a change of clothes.. one white suit is at the laundry, one in Pahure, and brown pants in Pahure. The day has been spent here at the house doing nothing but reading, writing diary, time-sheets, etc. We had Sacrament with ourselves.. oh yes, I forgot to menton that Horate and Ri walked in on us this morning while we were still in bed. They were surprised to see us and we them but it was good to get together again. And that about covers the past few days. We hope to return and complete our work in Tahaa tomorrow or Tues. returning back here Wed. for instructions from H.Q. A big party in the hotel a few feet away is in full swing. I hope it doesn't last too far into the night.

Monday, July 15, 1940
Farane and I were going back to Tahaa today but the opportunity didn't present itself. But it rained most of the day and Tahaa couldn't be seen for the mist around it. We all stayed in most of the day except for a walk in the evening. Ri and I met James Deanne and talked a little while with him. We surely have been exercising lately. I pushed up forty times this morning, lifted the tii  one hundred times, jumped the rope, etc. Activity is easy to find even if it does rain.

Tuesday, July 16, 1940
After breakfast I went to the wharf and arranged passage for us to Tahaa. The boat was only going as far as Tiva but it was our only chance to get to Patio so we took it. From Murifenua we walked to Patio and were well repayed for our trouble by the reception we received at the home of Pueto ma. From there we went to Ioane's to let him know we were back. He set us down to a meal of boiled fish, poi maniota, miti haari, baked maniota, boiled potatoes, and boiled bananas. We weren't quite so hungry so we didn't indulge very heavily. From there a few of us walked to Patio to listen to the radio. Had to stand outside and really didn't hear anyting. Returned to the house and the man next door insisted we go over to his home for "ti". Farane and I drank a couple of bowls of hot water with bread, and were really ready to call quits. After an hour's visit there, we returned to the house, lay down on the floor and tried to sleep. There were seven adults and four kids lying on the floor in just a small room. We all had pillows and a coverlet and no one undressed. Farane and I didn't sleep so good, not being used to it. The day was well spent; we enjoyed talking Gospel to them.

Wednesday, July 17, 1940
At daylight we were all up again and "ti" was served. Just as we were finishing, the pu  of the boti  was heared, which sent us all down to Pahure. We really received a royal send off with quite a number there to see us off. We left amid the handshakes of the people and sailed around the Island to Raiatea. We landed here and ate breakfast with Ri & Horate. A little later Hiro  came in. When the post office was open Horate and I went after mail. I received a letter from Pres. and one from Teumere and Fifi. Pres. has asked me and Horate to come in and for Farane and Ri to continue on at Huahine. Reservations have been secured on the Monterey  leaving for Honolulu on the 5th of August so are we happy. Inasmuch as I have to leave sometime, I surely couldn't have picked a better time and way to go if I had done it myself. Etera, Ray, Nile, Viri, Horate and myself, & Pres. and family all on the same boat. What a break! Teumere wrote a nice, sensible letter. She's surely a swell kid, (as I've always said.) The picture she sent was (and is) a honey.... aita râ e nehenehe ia'u is feruri mai te au i to'u hinaura. Ua papai ona e, ua here ona ia'u aita râ i tia ia na reira ona. Hoê â i to'u mana'o. E ere paha te here rahi to'u no'na, area râ ua rahi te taime ta'u i haamana'o ia'na na roto i te aroha rahi. E mea pinepine to'u moemoea no'na area râ ia ore au e feruri faahou mai te reira e maitai ai. Ia riro oia ei hoa mau ana'e, to'u ia hinaaro i teie nei. Fifi also wrote a nice short letter. Later on in the day Horate and I bought our tickets to Papeete and are ready anytime now to leave. In the evening, in way of a little celebration, we all went to the show. Rained most all day; I've never seen this country quite like this.

 Farane and me
Farane and me as we are about to return to H.Q.

Thursday, July 18, 1940
I hardly left the house today except for our walk to the store. Rain has been pouring down all day but let up a bit this evening. Farane and Horate walked out to Avera to visit Mr. Shultz, returning home wet clear through and very late. Meanwhile a surprise walked in on us. Nini from Huahine dropped in for an hour's chat. She had come over on Hiro  and is returning tomorrow. Ri and I stayed here reading until bed-time. We tried to buy a few cans of milk to take to Huahine but everything is rationed out; all we could buy was two cans, but we tried four stores and got all we needed. We couldn't buy any flour at all without a permit. Things are surely getting tough on the natives.

Friday, July 19, 1940
Due to a canned artichoke that didn't fit very good with last evening's supper, I spent a weird night and was glad to get up early the next morning. We all packed, got signed out and settled up and then left on board Hiro. Going across I held my bunk down and didn't get sick. Horate was the only one that didn't hold out. We were stopped at Huahine for about five hours... long enough for the Elders to get a home and settled. Then H. & I went on to Papeete. I held out fine all evening.


Saturday, July 20, 1940
Things surely happen quick! Horate and I landed at the dock just awhile after day-light and then went to the Mission Home just in time for breakfast. There was plenty to be done such as packing my trunk and preparing slightly for departure next month. There were such trips as getting signed in and out again to be taken care of, a walk to town, etc. Then at five Iosepha Beneteau came up in his taxi to take us to Pirae. Ray, Horate, & I got our mattresses and went out to join Etera, Noromana, Eledona at the rendevous by the seashore. We are to stay out two weeks, "relax, kill time until the ship gets in." Pres. says he could sign our releases any time. We are certaily "baching" it now. I was so busy today in town I didn't have time to see anybody. Aita paha o Teumere i ite tei Tahiti nei au i teie nei. No reira e tiai paha ona no ta'u pahonoraa i ta'na rata. Ia farerei au ia'na e tiai paha. Mail = Mother 3, Grandma 2, Naomi 1.


Sunday, July 21, 1940
Ray and I shared his little thin blanket last night but didn't get cold. We lay our single mattresses side by side on the floor in the front lounging porch. Today we haven't done much but read, play table tennis and as it was mine and Ray's turn to get both meals, we spent some time in the kitchen. We had our own little sacrament service here. Evening we sat around and argued politics. Etera was the only Republican.

Monday, July 22, 1940
Last night Ray and I not only shared the blanket but also each other. A strong, cold wind blew in off the ocean and really chilled things off. We were glad to get up at daylight and go to market. There we bought lettuce and beefsteak. After breakfast, Etera and I rode back to Papeete to do some work in there. I wrote Farane a letter, helped Ioane stamp parts of the vea, and got my blanket. We returned to Pirae about 3:00 and had dinner. While we were eating Maihara, Fifi & Teumere came out. They stayed a little while... we went in swimming but it was too cold to be very enjoyable. I had a good talk with T. while the others played table tennis. After they left we played tennis ourselves and read for awhile before retiring.

Tuesday, July 23, 1940
After breakfast this morning Ray and I borrowed a vaa  and went around the reef for a couple of hours. We kept on the lagoon side but got up on the rocks on the reef to watch the natives i tua  catching fish in a net. After we tired of that we began heading out again into the lagoon. Rowing along smoothly we were really enjoying the ride when all of a sudden we were heading head first into the deep water. When I came to the surface a few seconds later the vaa  had righted itself. Ray swam after the two oars and before long we were back in the thing and on our way again. That is the first experience I've had in capsizing and it was fun. When we returned to the house an hour or so later we met Tere, Viri & Nile. Swam for awhile and then had dinner. Spent most of the afternoon in my swimming suit laying on the beach listening to Viri read "Children of God", from the Reader's Digest.

Wednesday, July 24, 1940
Pioneer Day but one would never know it down here. I've been riding a bike quite a bit today. Ray & I went to the Chink garden & bought four heads of cabbage and then on to Papeete. There I put five coconuts in my Island box, printed and painted my name on my camphor box crate, and then returned here for dinner. After dinner Etera and I went to Fautaua for a game of tennis. Playing doubles we won two and lost two sets. Once again home in the evening. I am going to begin my report for the last two and a half years I have spent down here before going to bed. Gee, but it was cold last last night. The thermometer read 56° in Papeete and was surely colder here by the ocean side. We all slept plenty cold.

Thursday, July 25, 1940
Ray and I were up again early this morning to go to market. We bought 2 kilos of hamburger, oranges, lettuce, etc. We had no sooner returned to the house and we saw the Vahine Tahiti  pulling in. I predicted last night it would be in and Noromana surely built me up; the ships coming further strengthened his faith in my guesses. Horate, Eledona and I cleaned up the beach today before dinner. I ran in to Papeete an hour before dinner to get books and continue work there. Returned back here for dinner and afterwards a bunch of us went swimming. The evening was spent in straightning out accounts. There are at the present time living here Elders Chugg, Wilde, Miller, Benson, myself, McEntire, Young, Peterson, Peterson, Randall, Braegger, Christenson, Price, and Nance. We really have a houseful again. There is plenty to do in line of activity but not much missionary work. The sooner the ship comes the better for all concerned.

 The island box in 2007
This is the top of the island box after stripping off pink and white paint that had been on for more than fifty years.
You can make out "Rudeen Allred" in nice Art Deco letters, and "613 28th St Ogden Utah USA" under that.

Friday, July 26, 1940
Today was Ray's and my turn to get breakfast and dinner and when one cooks for fourteen hungry men twice a day it pretty well takes care of a few hours. We also had the dishes and cleaning up to do as well. In the evening I rode in to Papeete and painted my name on the island box and then talked with Teina and Ioane for an hour, returning back here at 8:30 P.M. The girl and landlady from next door were here when I arrived. The Elders talked the girl into singing and it wasn't long before she was warmed up and doing it all herself. Around eleven we all retired. Tere and Noromana left today for the district.

 pearl ring

Saturday, July 27, 1940
Today I took it easy out on the beach during the morning and kind of prepared a few thoughts in case of an a'oraa  tomorrow. After dinner I went in to town, got my little pearl ring from Spitz and went on up to the Mission Home. There I met Ri and Farane who had returned from Huahine. Now we are all in just the same as at Christmas except we are a few less in number. Later on Farane and I returned back here to spend the evening and night.

Letter from Mapuhi .

Sunday, July 28, 1940
We all arose quite early and prepared for Church. Lui, Viriamu, Melavina and I were last to leave so we began walking. Got as far as Fautaua and then we called a taxi to take us on in. In Priesthood meeting I was assigned the oro'a ei ohipa na'u i tire nei pnahana. After that I walked down to the doctor's office with Ioane. His leg is still bad but is improving. We were a little late in getting back for Sunday School but didn't miss anything. I muri a'e i te haapiiraa Sabati ua tia noa matou Teumere, Fifi, Manutaui e au i rapae i te fare pureraa ma te paraparau. Ua i tiviti roa te hora i te maueraa e hou to maua tono faahere raa i roto ra, ua haamatahia te Pureraa Oroâ. Ua haama roa vau no te mea ia haere au i mua roa e parahi i te iri oro'a e tia'i. Ai! Ua hionoa-hia vau! From that meeting we all went to the Café Diadem for dinner and then to the ice cream factory for dessert. I stayed around the house following a two hour Elders meeting in the front room until meeting time at night. Following meetibng Ri, Viriamu, Rui and I got into a taxi and went home.

Monday, July 29, 1940
After breakfast I went to Papeete to see about renting a bike for this week. The Chink promised me one in the morning. From there I came back here, put on my bathing suit and proceeded to get a good sun tan before dinner. Viri Nile and Ri were my pals out today. About four Fifi and Maria, a girl from Ahe came visiting. Ray entertained them while I completed some typeing. Then Fifi and I played tennis for awhile. Just before dark they left and I went on with my typeing. A few minutes later Teumere came in, having met Fifi ma  down the street. They stayed for a couple of hours. I sat on the day bed by T. and the thing caved in which gave quite an added bit of humor. T. left her bike for me to get to Papeete on in the morning.

Tuesday, July 30, 1940
Farane and I went to town early this morning for the purpose of getting bikes. After listening to the Chink rave and rant about bicycles being kept overtime, I finally obtained one. Then Farane and I tried to get him one but were unsuccessful. While we were in town a fellow came up and challenged the missionaries to a game of ball for benefit of the tourists. We accepted and in the afternoon we had our first practice. Pretty ragged but we have material if it can be worked over good before Saturday. Spent the evening at home typeing.

Wednesday, July 31, 1940
The last day of the month and I'm glad it's over. While I'm waiting for tomorrow mornings wheat to cook I'm trying to catch up on my diary for today. Ray, Nile and I just returned from the show - Laurel and Hardy. That silly stuff doesn't appeal anymore. I was glad it was over. I payed Teumere's and Fifi (?) way in to the show tonight for use of their bikes the other day. We went to the struggle after the haapiiraa which Ray led. This afternoon we had another ragged practice. Our ears are very apt to be laid back for us Saturday. Morning was spent in typeing and out on the beach. Well, the wheat is boiling and it's near 12:00 A.M. so I'd better retire.

Thursday, August 1, 1940
The beginning of one more month, the end of which I should be home. Last month was an active one but there wasn't much Missonary work accomplished. Today Ray and I were cooks again. After breakfast I typed until dinner time then prepared dinner of Worford, creamed carrots, potatoe soup, etc. Following dinner we all went to town again for Practice. Returned here later and then went back to Papeete to complete a little more packing on my trunk and suitcases. Returned home later.

This was the last entry, on page 408 of the handwritten journal. Rutena left for America on board the Monterey  on 5 August 1940.

Official Release

Trip Home: On board the Monterey 

The S.S. Monterey as she looked docked at Papeete, Tahiti the day before we sailed for home on her.

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